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New adult-themed store will debut “how to” educational shorts for first-time buyers

How to Video shorts from Jayne Cobb featured on AdultShopSexToys.comHouston, Texas—The new adult-themed website, , is planning to offer free educational shorts that demonstrate how their products are best used in real time.

The company is teaming up with established webcam stars, such as Jayne Cobb, for a series of instructional videos that show buyers how to use various toys, as well as tips on how to get the best possible experience.

Offering the biggest name brands in the adult wellness market, including Doc Johnson, LELO, WeVibe and Fleshlight, the website will publish honest product reviews and opinions that customers will find useful.

Dong King, owner and established entrepreneur, says that he is taking a more social media-friendly approach with his new store. “Having exclusive video reviewers gives our customers more personalized information on how to use each product. Buyers will soon be able to get first hand experiences and honest reviews from a person that is in the webcam entertainment industry and frequently uses the products herself. This will heighten our customers’ understanding on how the toys work and how they can get a more enriching experience from each one.”

King’s new website features a simple and welcoming interface that is easy to navigate while also exploring various categories. The platform covers reviews of over 15,000 products from a wide variety of brands. The store also sells scented candles, clothing, lingerie, massage oils and other lifestyle products.

In addition to unbiased reviews, the new shopping website also offers readers advice on how to properly unbox items, various ways to use the toys and further insights on how individuals or couples can use these products.

King says he is excited about the launch of the new website, which goes live in August 2019. “We look to do more than simply sell items. We look to provide regular lifestyle content and hopefully a more personalized experience for our customers who expect more details and in-depth reviews of products before they buy.”

For more information, visit


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Hollywood Strip Legend StoryTeller Releases “Lost Album”

StoryTeller album release preview Little WillyCyberspace, Internet—StoryTeller, one of the most popular Los Angeles based strip sensations of the 90’s is ready to unleash their “lost album” through Apple Music in the fall of, 2019.

Vocalist Jerome Story, lead guitarist J.P., bassist John Donovan, Craig Campbell on keyboards and drummer Stephen Teller comprised the dynamic rock band. Serving up a crowd-pleasing mixture of melodious techno harmonies and hard-edged rhythm drive, StoryTeller reigned the Hollywood club scene from Club Lingerie to The Viper Room, becoming a beloved staple in US and European music fans’ libraries during a time when the LA music scene was ablaze in the ears of the world.

“What a great era . . . LA was on FIRE then and we were right in the middle of it,” reminisces Campbell.

When the album was initially scheduled to drop, Pirate Radio 100.3 FM announced StoryTeller’s original release date on the Shannon in the Morning show, with a debut of the upcoming single Little Willy, the band’s wildly popular version of the Sweet cover tune. Echoing the sentiments of so many of the band’s mass amount of fans’ sentiments, Scott Shannon’s co-host, Gavin, referred to StoryTeller as “The greatest thing since sliced bread!”

That was a long time ago, however great music is timeless. Now the world will finally hear the entire album. Preview the StoryTeller single Little Willy at

Is the “lost album” the Swan Song for StoryTeller? Donovan smiles and with a wink says, “We are talking some new music. . . .”

StoryTeller releases Lost Album on Apple Music

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Flame Token announces 1 million sign-ups, becoming the biggest crypto airdrop in history

Porn Friendly Crypto Currency Launches at Sharesome

New York, NY— The airdrop started on December 1st 2018 and within the first 3 days, it gave away the 525 million $XFL it initially set out to distribute. Due to the growing number of participants, the Flame Token team doubled the amount of tokens in the airdrop, spreading the extra rewards across several rounds.

With over 950 million $XFL distributed so far and only less than 100 million $XFL left, the challenge to get some Flame tokens becomes harder but signing up on is easy, since you only need an email address.

The Flame Token (XFL) is intended to reward activities on the Sharesome platform, including tipping content creators. Advertising on Sharesome can only be paid through the XFL token. is an adult entertainment social network that allows users to create a personal feed populated with content they enjoy the most. A regular user on the platform can stay anonymous and just follow other users, adult stars and topics, while a verified performer or content creator is able to upload content and build an audience.

Unlike other social media platforms, Sharesome is specifically built for adult content creators. The platform offers them tools to build a following, while all posts include a tip button powered by Flame Token. Besides receiving tips from fans, performers and cam models use Sharesome to drive traffic to their pay sites and cam sites. Sharesome has seen tremendous user growth as people moved away from Tumblr after the ban on porn. Launched a year ago, the platform is now the fastest-growing NSFW social network.

The Flame Token airdrop ends on February 1, 2019 or at 2 million participants, whichever comes first.

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One of the Biggest Crypto Airdrops Has Just Launched

Pron Friendly Crypto Currency Launches at Sharesome

New York, New York– Before even being publicly announced, Sharesome’s Flame Token (XFL) airdrop took off as soon as the company activated the airdrop on their website ( In the first 48 hours during the weekend, over 150,000 people signed up to the airdrop on and 23,000 people joined the Telegram group – making this already one of the biggest airdrops in history by number of participants.

But the hype doesn’t come as a complete surprise. The team likes to point out that Flame is quite different from most other cryptocurrencies, because its underlying community – – has already been built. Sharesome is a NSFW social network that already uses the Flame Token (XFL) for tipping content creators and for buying ads in the form of promoted posts on the website.

“Our approach from the beginning was to build the product first, then launch the token, then ask for money – and not the other way around,” says Sharesome’s CEO Tudor Bold. “We already started selling Flame Tokens (XFLs) on and with the airdrop we create the buzz and liquidity that will kick-start a revolution in the adult industry and enable eCommerce for all adult content creators.”

Sharesome’s Flame Token (XFL) is an ERC20 token designed for the entertainment industry, which does not rely on expected future development. The team worked on the Sharesome platform since its beta launch in January 2018 and so far the growth has been exponential. Sharesome’s user base has been doubling every 2 months and content creators are already successfully driving traffic and sales to their paysites.

Sharesome planned on giving away 525,000,000 XFL through their airdrop on, but because the tokens where exhauster in less than 3 days, the company doubled the initial amount to 1,050,000,000 XFL. People can sign up with their email address and immediately receive 500 XFL. The Flame token airdrop includes a referral program. Participants receive 1,375 XFL for every person they refer to the Airdrop. The referral amount will drop as more people join the campaign.

The Flame Token (XFL) is designed to allow tipping, content bounty campaigns and to purchase ads on While for many content creators today selling content and ad revenue is the main source of income, the ad market is going through rough times. Companies such as Sharesome are therefore betting on alternative monetization sources for content creators, like tipping, which relies on small voluntary user contributions that add up to larger amounts. Therefore, the company created the “Flame Button” on, but it also can be seamlessly integrated into any other website as a social plugin through a simple code snippet and allows visitors to tip XFL through their Sharesome account.

The Flame project also includes an ingenious bounty campaign system, through which users can create democratic voting pools that act as a reward for successfully hunting specific types of content.

Participants vote for each submission with Flames, the content that stays #1 for three days straight is declared a winner and the XFL reward goes to the person who submitted that content. Same as on other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, users can purchase sponsored posts (in this case, with XFL) to promote their content. The only difference is that Sharesome allows and encourages NSFW-content, unlike Instagram, which is well known for its approach to pictures of nipples, or Facebook, which is known for locking users out if they post a NSFW picture.

“What we basically do is to bring social media to porn, and crypto to social media. Even though porn is a 100 billion-dollar industry that generates 30% of the internet’s traffic, there is no social media site for adult content creators and their audience,” said Bold.

He adds, “The Flame token is poised to revolutionize how the entertainment industry is monetized, making it easier for people to reward quality content and increasing revenue for content creators.”

For more information on Sharesome, please visit

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Vegas Halloween Ball Returns to Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas, Nevada
—Saturday, October 27, the Vegas Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball will commence at the revered Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Presented by Chaturbate, Resistance Street Wear and Once Bitten Productions, the annual Vegas Halloween Ball brings together more than 15,000 adventurers celebrating the spooky, scary and sexy side of All Hallows’ Eve.

Event producer, Jeff Davis announced, “It’s great to be back at Hard Rock! We extend our deepest gratitude to our presenting sponsors. Their continued support makes the Vegas Halloween Ball a unique opportunity for open-minded adults to experience total-immersion entertainment.”

The Vegas Halloween Ball presents dozens of live performances on three stages, including burlesque acts, grinder girls, fire vixens, stilt walkers, aerialists and the perennially popular Human Petting Zoo for furry fanatics. The party is fueled by a non-stop backbeat provided by world-class spinners, Made Monster, DJ Bambu, Scooter & Lavelle and DJ Exodus, among many others.

Bizarre calls the Vegas Halloween Ball “The world’s wildest Halloween party,” so make 2018 the year to celebrate the best night Vegas offers! General admission tickets for the event are still available, along with a very limited number of VIP passes. Information on entry passes, the event schedule and hotel discounts is available through the official website,

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Stormy Daniels Truth Now Shipping!

Stormy Daniels Truth signature fragrance

Phoenix, Arizona – What is Truth? Media bombshell, Stormy Daniels releases her signature scent, Truth following a viral campaign that according to Fox News and USA Today, successfully lit a fire across the World Wide Web.

Distributed exclusively through on-line retailer, It’s the Bomb, Daniels’ signature fragrance is pheromone infused, decidedly gender-neutral and gently creates a soft, clean aroma that lingers long after application.

“Embracing your personal truth is the one thing that everyone can do to empower and enhance their own life. Whether it’s speaking out on personal experiences or pursuing the goals we set for ourselves with determination to succeed, we each control our own story and how it will shape us and those around us,” said It’s the Bomb Chief Executive Officer, Suzette Hughes.

Daniels personally chose the name of the fragrance line, which fits her outlook on the way she approaches her own life. Her 2018 summer tour across the US will take her to gentlemen’s clubs and retail outlets, while also appearing in multiple media interviews related to her recent high-profile legal action.

“I have reached the point in my life where I know that I am in charge of what I do and who I am. I have fully embraced my own truth and now I am sharing that empowering message with everyone seeking the complete freedom to be who they are. Honesty within and about ourselves leads the way to great things. ‘Truth’ is more than a fragrance to me; it is a symbol that will remind those who wear it that they are in charge of their own life,” Daniels observed.

Embrace Truth now and explore the entrancing visual imagery featuring Stormy Daniels, by visiting

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Introducing Dark Garden CBD Infused Intimate Products by Michael Ninn

Dark Garden CBD infused personal intimacy products

Las Vegas, Nevada–Sensual healing is the goal of the new Dark Garden line of CBD infused intimate products now available from auteur, Michael Ninn.

This trio of personal lubricant, throat spray and erection enhancement roll-on products go beyond the norm in creating a sensual experience for lovers that carries long-lasting health and wellness benefits, provided by the high concentration of CBD hemp oil in the formulation of this collection.

Scientific research trials undertaken by the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Fort Collins, New York University School of Medicine and the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center indicate that the human body has millions of cannabinoid receptors in the brain and nervous system. CBD is not only present in botanicals such as hemp and marijuana; natural cannabinoids are already produced within the human body. When plant-based CBD oil is used by humans, it effectively boosts the function of the endocannabinoid system. This natural, physical response to CBD’s chemical components helps to relieve anxiety, improve mood, enhance circulation and treat inflammation, among many other health benefits.

“CBD has the ability to increase intimacy between partners by reducing stress and increasing physical desire and performance in both men and women, which leads to prolonged personal enjoyment. All three products are designed to work together, yet each brings its own unique attribute to create an amazing night of pleasure and healing,” explained product creator, Ninn.

Available exclusively through the retail site,, the Dark Garden Collective features water based and unscented CBD Lube Drop, a soothing CBD Peppermint Deep Throat Spray and CBD Roll-Hard for prolonged intimate enjoyment. Each USDA certified offering in the collection contains 250 milligrams of CBD derived from hemp oil mixed with a range of all-natural components, including mint and peppermint extracts, aloe gel, goldenrod and Agave nectar.

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Sharesome Is the NSFW Social Network for People Unfairly Censored On Twitter Or Instagram

porn safe, social network, free social media
Cyberspace — “The internet is for porn” is the unofficial anthem of the web and it’s true when you look at the facts: 25% of all search engine queries are related to porn. 12% of all online content is adult content. But that doesn’t mean social media is for porn. Just post an NSFW pic on Facebook and you will be locked out of your account for days. Instagram is well known for its approach to pictures of nipples, and Twitter, while pretty sex-positive in its rules and policies, started to shadowban users with NSFW content. Tumblr, usually a porn heaven, just doesn’t take off as a site that connects people.

Meet Sharesome, a new social media site for posting NSFW photos, videos and links, just like you would share on Facebook or Twitter.

Part social media experience, part porn heaven, Sharesome introduced topics; moderated communities about literally anything kinky. By joining or creating a specific topic, users can interact with each other based on their shared kinks, or just sit back and enjoy the results of thousands of people constantly aggregating the best content from the web around a specific fetish. Inside topics, users share links to gifs, images, and videos from the Internet – for the first time, sharing porn videos on a social network makes sense.

Sharesome also just started its ‘Content Creator Program’ that allows verified users to post and share their own content. “The adult industry is changing right now. Livechat performers and porn actors want to no longer be dependent on production studios, they want to be entrepreneurs, to produce and sell content on their own terms.” says Sharesome CEO, Tudor Bold. “Technology encourages that. We see a huge trend of creators selling content peer-to-peer on websites like ManyVids or Clips4Sale. Even porn giant Pornhub launched its own ‘Model Payment Program’ for independent content creators.”

What seems to be a very positive outlook for these small entrepreneurs, actually doesn’t look so good as these independent producers are cut off from traditional social media sites where they could build an audience. Sharesome-CEO Tudor sends a clear message to the tens of thousands of independent creators in the adult industry: “We built Sharesome, so live chat performers and porn actors can grow a fanbase and send traffic to their own websites, camsites or paysites. We already host stars like Jasmine Rouge or newcomers like Candie Cross, and unlike other social networks, we will never block or shadowban their accounts.”

In a world where mainstream sites are increasingly hostile towards adult content, Sharesome emerges as the haven where people are free to discover and share their inner kink self.

For more information on Sharesome, please visit

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Jeffrey Douglas Presents SESTA and FOSTA Seminar

Free Speech Coalition

Los Angeles, CA – On Wednesday, May 9th at 7:00 PM, Jeffrey Douglas of the Free Speech Coalition presents the Discussion of SESTA and FOSTA seminar covering the new US laws concerning sex trafficking at the Hilton Hotel LAX.

Douglas’s presentation is a part of the “business to business” panels, classes and seminars held during the 5-day DomCon Los Angeles event, opening May 9 and running through May 13, 2018.

Additionally, attendees that wish to donate to Free Speech Coalition in their continued fight for Internet freedom should note Embrace Chaos and performance artist Sheree Rose will be raising money for the FSC on Saturday, May 12 with a fund-raising booth in the registration area during the expo.

The Hilton LAX is located at 5711 West Century Blvd. in Los Angeles, California. Registering ahead of the event is encouraged. For hotel info, photo galleries, pre-registration and much more, go to

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Detroit’s ‘Dirty Show’ Opens this Weekend

Dirty Show Detroit 2018
Detroit, Michigan – For over a decade, the Dirty Show® has been considered one of the largest and most important erotic global art exhibitions on the planet. Each year, the exhibit features hundreds of quality erotic works, in virtually every imaginable media. It has become an immersible experience, with world-class performance artists both on the stage and in the audience. It attracts a diverse and cutting-edge audience of free-spirited devotees, whose yearly attendance has grown to over 10,000 people. Now, in its 19th year, the exhibition continues to push boundaries, and remains a beacon for established and emerging artists from around the world.

Acclaimed Los Angeles “ilLUSTrator” Jay E. Moyes (aka JEM) announces his first submission has been accepted for this year’s Dirty Show, The pen and ink art piece titled The Jock and the Leatherman will be displayed during the show’s run. “This is a great honor. I’ve dreamed of this moment for years. To have my first submission to this show accepted is very exciting. The Dirty Show Detroit is a high water mark for erotica and fetish, and I look forward to the opportunity to show there again in the future.”

“The Jock and the Leatherman” will be one of many pieces of erotic art on display at Dirty Show Detroit. The art show also features exhibitions of erotic video and film, along with live stage shows.

Dirty Show Detroit runs, February 9-11, and February 16-17. For ticket information, details on live performances and much more, go to

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Protect your trademark in cyberspace

Safenames offers global domain registration solutions and online trademark protection for the adult industry.

  • ·Professional Domain Portfolio Management
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If you are launching a new brand, Safenames can help you develop a domain name registration strategy to promote and protect your brand around the world. If you have an existing brand and have issues with someone cyber-squatting on your trademarks, Safenames has proven legal expertise in recovering domain names with much less expense than typical fees charged by law firms.

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