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Easy Press Release Solutions Begin with The Press Wire

Hollywood, California – The Press Wire [] launches an Adult Industry specific news wire service today, offering an easy press release submission alternative for professional publicists, performers and entrepreneurs to reach the adult news media.

Based on the popular news wire services used by mainstream publicity professionals and business owners for years, The Press Wire allows individuals and companies to submit their press releases to hundreds of adult media sources by simply filling out a submission form with the details of their news story.

The Press Wire functions as a news submission service for business owners and others that do not have an established contact list for reaching the adult media with their news, or for publicity professionals and performers that would like the option of cutting down the time they spend on sending out press releases individually, to each editor. In both cases, The Press Wire allows users to focus much more of their time on quality publicity goals, such as arranging interviews, events, appearances and the thousands of other details that go into generating great publicity for a company or performer.

The Press Wire offers individual submission of users’ press releases directly to the editors of adult industry news outlets and publications, and does not depend on the media or consumers to sign up to receive the news feed from their system. However, a news feed is available on The Press Wire’s own website, and through the popular social media platform of Twitter.

Due to declining profits across the adult industry, many business owners are eschewing professional publicity services; this includes utilizing professionally crafted press releases. To fill this gap, The Press Wire also offers a press release writing service for those that do not have experience with writing professional press releases.


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TPW Countdown: Launch in 24 hours

It’s always exciting when you have a project that you have been working on and you are finally ready to bring it to life.

All of the last minute technology issues that were obvious are handled, and it’s time to let it fly. While it’s always a given that some things will show themselves only after others have a chance to use them, the infrastructure is sound and we are ready to roll.

I want to give a big thank you to, Leslie Levine is a beautiful and gracious web mistress, and The Press Wire wouldn’t have come together without her expertise and guidance. Thank you Leslie!

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TPW Tips – Size Matters

Press releases that stay at 600 words or less are optimal.

If you have too much type, the editor will likely not take the time to read the whole story. These are busy people and the best way to loose their interest is to waste their time.

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TPW Tips – Don’t bury your lead

While it may seem like a great idea to place your story lead in the fourth paragraph of your press release, don’t!

Even though it has become the fashion to make press releases read like a news article, the structure of any news story asks that the  facts of the matter are listed in the first paragraph. Not only does this give your readers a synopsis, so they don’t have to read the whole story to know what you are talking about, but it also helps the editors you send your press releases to, to judge if the story is newsworthy and if they want to act upon it quickly.

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Welcome to The Press Wire

The Press Wire is a new service that offers the simplicity of mainstream’s many news release submission services to the lifestyle community and the adult entertainment industry.

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