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Fetish Nation Fights for Breast Cancer Research with Star Studded ‘Boobie Ball’

TaylorWane3medium Hollywood, California – Fetish Nation’s kinky citizens join with the adult entertainment community to raise funds for international breast cancer research organization, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, with ‘The Boobie Ball’ on Saturday, April 3, 2010.

Produced by Intense Management and hosted by Taylor Wane and Brittney Sky, the ‘Boobie Ball’ edition of Fetish Nation brings the kink community and the adult entertainment stratosphere together to fight the good fight against breast cancer. Intense Management owner, Brandt Stebbins says, “If there’s one thing every free thinking person can probably agree on, it’s that we all like boobs! What better way to honor those iconic appendages, than to bring people together and hold a benefit for breast cancer awareness?”

Not forgetting the inherent nature of Fetish Nation’s roots as a side show of salacious delights, ‘Boobie Ball’ promises to be a star studded evening catering to both vanilla and Spumoni flavored tastes, with performances by songstress Brooke Wilkes, burlesque darling Sin Fisted and special guest DJ Terror.Chic NYC. Among the adult performers scheduled to attend are, Angelina Valentine, Misty Stone, Payton Leigh, Tessa Taylor, Cherry Ferretti, Nyomi Banxxx, and Alexis Amore.

Wane and Stebbins will be appearing on Playboy Radio’s ‘Night Calls’, hosted by the legendary Christy Canyon and the lovely Nicki Hunter, Tuesday, March 30 at 4:15 PM (PST) to discuss Fetish Nation’s ‘Boobie Ball’ and their individual projects for 2010. Call (877) 205-9796, to speak with Wane and Stebbins live, in studio.

The National Cancer Institute estimates that a woman in the United States has a 1 in 8 chance of developing invasive breast cancer during her lifetime. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for women in the U.S, after lung cancer. Approximately 40,170 women and 440 men in the U.S. were predicted to die from the disease in 2009. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for U.S. women between the ages of 20 and 59, and the leading cause of cancer death for women worldwide, according to Stop Breast Cancer.*

Official Media Sponsor for the Fetish Nation ‘Boobie Ball’ is, where music, culture and sex come together in the most delightful way. A VIP Milk Bar and silent auction are sponsored by Kink Ball. 100% of all entry ticket profits and sponsorship donations for this event are going directly to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The checkpoint for entry into Fetish Nation opens at 9:00PM. The venue is Circus Disco, at 6655 Santa Monica Blvd, in Hollywood. On-stage performances and festivities continue until curfew at 2:00AM.

For details on the Fetish Nation ‘Boobie Ball’, go to



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Batman and Schevelle Tour Ushers in Sping at Blush


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Tony Batman and Schevelle spring into the season with a tour stop at Blush gentleman’s club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Few clubs are deemed a historical site, but this honor is possible for Blush due its location, which is inside The Edison Hotel. Not only does the building receive an honor so does its owner, Albert Bortz, who just this past year was inducted into Exotic Dancer Magazine’s Hall of Fame.

The Batman and Schevelle Tour added another media outlet from which to report their stories from the road on L.A. Talk Radio’s Inside The Industry with James Bartholet. This new contract combined with the syndicated podcast Tales From Tony Batman, which celebrated its 29th show last week, is sure to entertain the listeners as they both give an “insiders” view of what it is like to be on a nationwide tour.

“Due to its popularity, I was very excited to finally work with James Bartholet’s Inside The Industry,” Schevelle said. “Plus, we found our first ‘A! Entertainment News’ Dancer of the Week’. For those of you counting, that’s three radio shows and two websites with fresh content weekly.”

With the dynamic duo traveling to Pittsburgh this week, the quest begins to find a new girl for the next “A! Entertainment News’ Dancer of the Week”. “Tori from Missouri, our first pick, set the bar pretty high, but if I remember correctly, there were lots of beauties at Blush last time. The tough part will be picking just one,” said Batman.

The A! Entertainment News crew is also looking for models/volunteers for The Skylar Neil Golf Tournament on May 7th. A! Entertainment will head to Simi Valley, California to volunteer at the charity event. For all the details e-mail Tony Batman at or go to to be a part of this worthwhile event.

Blush is located at 135 9th Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Schevelle will be performing Tuesday through Saturday, March 23rd until the 27th at Blush. For more information and show times, please contact the club at 412-281-7703 or visit their website at

To keep up with the dynamic duo as they make their way along the highways and byways of the US and beyond, check out Schevelle’s road digest at

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Girls Go Down Under Selects Saguaro Digital for Mobile Apps


Tucson, Arizona/Canberra, Australian Capital Territory – Nextworld Studios, creators of the popular Australian Website, is pleased to announce their selection of Saguaro Digital as exclusive provider of mobile applications and infrastructure. The forthcoming mobile application, “Girls Go Down Under Mobile”, will feature exclusive content produced solely for the small screen.

“Saguaro Digital will allow us to lead into the mobile sector,” said Nextworld president Ian Ed Robertson.

Saguaro Digital and Nextworld have selected Seattle based MiKandi, LLC as the launch distributor for the “Girls Go Down Under Mobile” application. “MiKandi provides an ideal, adult friendly distribution platform for our applications,” said a Saguaro Digital spokesman.

The 4 Billion U.S. Dollar mobile application market is expected to grow to nearly 20 Billion by 2012. MiKandi will share in a significant portion of that market, as the only completely adult friendly mobile application store. MiKandi is the exclusive distributor of the extremely popular “The Ultimate Strip Club List” mobile application, created by Saguaro Digital, and now launches the “Girls Go Down Under Mobile” application.

More information on the mobile application is available by visiting

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Announcing Contemporary Packaging for Vivid Condoms

8-1335600203-7-2-jpeg Vista, California – Vivid condoms, a name synonymous with comfort, pleasure and safety, now brings its stellar re-packaged product to the forefront of the market with a fresh design that is bold and elegant. Vivid immediately attracts the eyes of adult store owners and customers alike.

Paradise Marketing, the leading source for sensuality, health and medical products, is introducing the updated packaging to trade and consumers by bringing stores around the world an innovative and updated business opportunity to carry this newly revamped, packaged product. Condom retailers across the globe have started to display the new packaging including major hotels in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

All four styles of boxes display bright, radiant and luminous shades and consumers are pleased to see the brand’s updated graphics. Now, the edgy and contemporary packages, combined with highest quality products inevitably brings customers back again and again. Paradise Marketing spokesperson, Terry McGowan notes, “Due to the fact that our condom formers are newer than most, Vivid condoms have a smoother, satin-like finish that condom users love. Consumers who try Vivid condoms continue to prefer them over the more antiquated condom designs.”

The stylish and chic, well-designed boxes are sure to increase sales for adult store owners. The use of illustrious color puts Vivid condoms in a light like no other. So, “slip into something vivid, where pleasure and protection come together.”

Paradise Marketing stands out as the preeminent and most trusted trade source for condoms, personal lubricants and feminine hygiene products for over thirty years. Known for its swift and complete service, competitive price and integrity, the company aligns itself with the best products with the broadest appeal to bring to its trade customers.

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Batman & Schevelle Ride on to The Pony Club


Poplar Bluff, Missouri – Batman and Schevelle spend their St. Patrick’s Day in Poplar Bluff, Missouri at the awe-inspiring, pink clad Pony club Wednesday through Saturday March 17-20, 2010.

“It feels like we’ve been in the Midwest for months,” Batman said, “even though it’s only been a few weeks. Finding that dodge ball meet last week was incredible. It gave us great footage for our reality show pilot.”

“Who knows what the St. Patrick’s Day party will bring to the Poplar Bluff Pony club. I know we’re going to have a good time.

“The people of the Midwest must secretly watch a lot of The Bad Girls Club, because everywhere Tony went, he was recognized from the show. All the banners and posters inside said, ‘Come see Showgirl Schevelle’, but Tony was signing autographs. It’s okay, I’m getting all the chicks, though,” winked Schevelle.

The Pony is located at 10025 Highway 67 South in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

Please call the club for show times and VIP seating 573-989-3555.

For more about Tony Batman and The A! Entertainment News visit

To read about the Batman & Schevelle Strip Club Tour please follow

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Great Sex Doesn’t Have to Be Dirty with New Fleet Naturals!


Carlsbad, CA – A significant percentage of the population participates in Elective Rectal Cleansings (ERCs) more than once a month. Paradise Marketing, the leading source for health, medical and sensuality products, is bringing a new business opportunity to adult oriented stores to carry the new product from the number one brand of this product genre.

“Fleet Naturals is a smart choice because it’s gentle,” says Dennis Paradise, company spokesperson. “The soft, flexible, comfortip®, (with a water-based lubricant on the tip), aids in easy and comfortable use. Natural aloe properties provide calming and soothing effects. In addition, the disposable applicator reduces chances of bacterial infection compared to reusable enema bags. Fleet Naturals, is a premium choice because it’s natural, drug-free and safe for regular use.”

In conjunction with the launch of Fleet Naturals will be a major market advertising campaign that will reach tens of millions of users beginning May 2010. Ads will run in both local and national media and will appear in publications such as Men’s Health and other fitness magazines.

These widely used and iconic Fleet Naturals come in a convenient two-pack available at a competitive and profitable margin exclusively at Paradise Marketing.

Paradise Marketing stands out as the pre-eminent and most trusted trade source for condoms, personal lubricants and feminine hygiene products for over thirty years. Known for its swift and complete service, competitive price and integrity, the company aligns itself with the best products with the broadest appeal to bring to its trade customers.

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Screaming O Show on the Road to Tampa


Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe Screaming O has teamed up with A! Entertainment, Tony Batman and award winning feature showgirl, Schevelle to bring a new level of adult entertainment with interactive stage shows featuring exotic entertainment, sexy special performances and the infamous Screaming O contest that keeps attendees blushing for days.

From college campuses to worldwide expo centers, Screaming O events have been a big hit, and each event is customized to fit the venue’s specific goals for promotion, marketing and mass appeal. Now clubs, stores and other venues across the country can bring the excitement directly to their customers with an official branded event.

“The Screaming O contests have garnered a lot of attention in the last few years and are a great way to get attendees loosened up and in the mood for fun,” The Screaming O partner, Keith Caggiano said. “Now we’ve made it possible for adult clubs, stores and even college sex-ed events to bring the energy and excitement directly to their doors.”

Screaming O giveaways and contests have been audience-participation crowd pleasers at major adult venues in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Denver, Toronto, Las Vegas and even Australia. The contest recently has made its way around night clubs, sports bars, gentlemen’s clubs, college events and spring break, and was featured on TV’s top-rated guilty pleasure, “The Bad Girls Club” on Oxygen.

Dynamic duo Tony Batman and renowned feature entertainer Schevelle emcee each show and not only keep the energy screaming, but cater pre-show marketing plans to promote each show and get everyone in the know months in advance. Packages include ad slicks, press releases, props and printed promo materials, as well as contestant gifts, prizes and swag to keep them coming back for more.

“When a club or store hosts the Screaming O show, they get a unique, sexy event that puts the business at the forefront of progression within the industry,” Batman said.

Déjà Vu is the first strip club to offer this event, scheduled March 5 and 6 at 9:30 p.m. The club is located at 6805 Adama Drive in Tampa, Florida. For more information call (813) 664-8784.

“I am excited about this event, because this happens to be an all-nude club so I can get totally naked, which is something I never pass up a chance to do,” Schevelle said.

Schevelle is an award-winning feature entertainer, showgirl and two-time nominee for “Entertainer of the Year” by Exotic Dancer Magazine.

Tony Batman is the award-winning emcee of the adult industry’s “A! Entertainment News” and veteran emcee for the Hustler/Déjà Vu club chain.

The Screaming O took home XBIZ’s 2010 Marketing Campaign of the Year and 2009 Adult Toy Manufacturer of the Year awards, and has received countless accolades within the industry for its high-quality production standards, innovative design and honorable business practices. Most recently, The Screaming O won StorErotica Magazine’s 2007 “Innovator of the Year” award, and its flagship product, the Screaming O Vibrating Ring, was named “Best Product of 2008” by Women’s Health Magazine. Additionally, the BigO vibrating erection band was named “Top Pick” by renowned sex educator Dr. Sue Johanson, host of the Oxygen network’s popular “Talk Sex With Sue.”

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Goddess Soma’s Cruel and Unusual Clinic at Fetish Nation


Hollywood, California – Fetish Nation welcomes Mistress Melissa and Goddess Soma, of Servitus LA as they open their cruel and unusual clinic to the citizens of Hollywood’s darkest club night, on Saturday, March 6, 2010.

Servitus LA’s vicious head nurses will be conducting sadistic medical experiments, extreme procedures, dirty examinations and specimen collection, for the enjoyment of the Fetish Nation audience from the main stage of the Circus Disco. No anesthesia will be administered for this extreme performance.

Co-producer of Fetish Nation, Brandt Stebbins said, “Frankly, they kind of scared me with their proposal for this show. They say they will be testing the limits of human flesh in their medical fetish performance art piece. Between Servitus and Art of Bleeding with their blood spattered ‘safety demonstrations’, this may be the show that gets us shut down permanently.”

From information gathered by the Ministry of Propaganda for Fetish Nation, the show has been toned down a touch to avoid just that type of scene killing tragedy. “It’s way too bad We have limits with stage legalities…,” mussed Mistress Melissa.

Still, there may be a little more meat to the show than Stebbins and local law enforcement may be comfortable with. When queried about the nature of the centerpiece for their performance, Goddess Soma asked, “Is consensual amputation a crime?”

Audience participation is encouraged. Local favorites in very active attendance are CharlyB, Fetish Noir, The OtherWorld, and the Ladies of the Dominion. Slaves to fashion will be able to supplement their shopping fetish thanks to Hillary’s Vanity, Vamps and Tramps, Knightscross Leatherworks and Yxtabay, who will be showing off their latest goods at the event.

Club Fetish Nation would like to thank their patriotic sponsors, American Fetish Films, Ian Rath’s, Broken Door, and Lair de Sade. Club Fetish Nation is located in the Circus Disco, at 6655 Santa Monica Blvd, in Hollywood. The doors open at 9:00 PM, and the party doesn’t stop until 3:00 AM.

For special discounts and other information on the event, please visit the official club website,

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Club Fetish Nation Sprays Hollywood with Art of Bleeding


Hollywood, CA – Visas are cleared and papers are in order for the nefarious safety exhibition team Art of Bleeding to entertain, bewilder and bloody the hoards of Hollywood’s darkest citizens at Fetish Nation, Saturday, March 6th, 2010. Highly qualified and minimally dressed nurses will be on hand (and a few other body parts) for traumatic educational demonstrations and strict medical screenings.

“We regret to inform our citizens that Abram the Safety Ape is currently in quarantine, said Jay E. Moyes, Assistant Secretary to Ministry of Propaganda for Fetish Nation. “Abram cannot be released until after the March performance date. He is currently being supervised by our comely latex clad customs officials. Abram the Safety Ape appears to be in no distress and has requested to be quarantined for a few extra days ‘just to be sure’ he’s ready for release.”

Dr. A. P. Ridenour, MD, DD and Director of Art of Bleeding could not be reached for comment after repeated requests by phone, e-mail and carrier pigeon. However one brief written correspondence was returned saying, “Please send more pigeons.” What can certainly be said is Art of Bleeding has maintained a steady reputation for educating and repulsing the public across the western United States including Oakland, San Francisco, Silverlake, and Las Vegas. Fetish Nation is proud to host Art of Bleeding‘s first international debut.

Despite the cold, rainy night in February over eight hundred citizens, clad in decadent uniforms of the perverse, passed the checkpoint for the last Fetish Nation. March is expected to draw even greater numbers as typical Fetish Nation rallies draw a crowd numbering well over a thousand. The club offers pulsating beats, lustful light shows, flesh flogging and sizzling eye candy. and Lair de Sade are the special sponsors for the March event. The venue, Circus Disco, at 6655 Santa Monica Blvd, in Hollywood, will feature guest DJ, Gareth Emery. Fetish Nation unleashes their own DJs for the event, including Demonseed, Madin Sally, Bruce Perdew, and Juicy Jay. The checkpoint for entry into Fetish Nation opens at 9:00PM onstage performances and festivities continue until curfew at 3:00AM.

Openings for adult industry sponsorships and cross-promotions, are available. Those interested in sponsoring the event should e-mail For details and discounts for Fetish Nation, go to

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