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Start My Porn Company’s Linda Roberts Interviews with The Fox on Radio Dentata

Linda Roberts Pretty Shot

Cyberworld, United States – Adult actress, producer and founder of Start My Porn Company [], Linda Roberts discusses the realities of porn production in an appearance on ‘All Night Long’ with The Fox, airing Friday, February 25, 2011 on Radio Dentata.

“There’s a lot about porn production that anyone who has never actually been on a set simply does not know. In this show, I have some great conversations with The Fox about how different the average person’s perception is about what goes on during a porn shoot as opposed to the reality,” said Roberts.

It has been a learning experience for The Fox as well, “I have learned a lot speaking with Linda and I must say that what I knew about the adult video industry turned out to be very different from what really happens on the set and in the post-production phase. I always assumed that shooting people having sex was as simple as pulling out a video camera and pushing record. That is obviously not what is happening with professional porn production, when it comes to companies that are making the money we hear talked about in magazines like Forbes and Time.”

Roberts and her partner in Start My Porn Company, Sherry Ziegelmeyer, are on a mission to keep new porn producers from falling into the traps most newcomers encounter as they venture into the adult industry. Their discussion with The Fox and his co-host, Kitty, touches on every aspect of the adult industry, and especially those that are most relevant to adult video productions.

“Unless you have the ability to speak directly to someone who has real experience in this industry, someone who has made the product and successfully sold the product, and for a long enough period of time to be considered an industry professional, then you will only get unimportant generalities and myths about making porn. That is not the way to start out in this industry successfully,” Roberts explains.

To hear Roberts’ full interview with The Fox on ‘All Night Long’, tune in to, at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, or 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, on Friday, February 25, 2011.

If you have been thinking about starting an adult production company and don’t know where to start, visit Roberts’ site


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Hypnotic Dreams’ Creator to Entrance ‘Ask Ladybrain’ Host on KSJO

Daniel A will hypnotize host of LadyBrain February 20, 2011
San Jose, California – Sunday, February 20th, at 9:00PM PST, Daniel A, an author of erotic audio-stories, and the creator of will appear on the ‘Ask Ladybrain’ show on San Jose, California radio station KSJO, 92.3 FM. He will be on air to dispel myths about erotic hypnosis, talk about his use of hypnosis in erotic stories, and do a demonstration, hypnotizing host Seph Walton for the audience.

“This is really exciting,” said Daniel A. “KSJO is one of the biggest radio stations in the San Francisco Bay Area, with an independent spirit that goes back decades. ‘Ask Ladybrain’ is a fun and lively show. I’m honored to be Steph and Lauren’s guest and I look forward to charming the Bay Area airwaves Sunday night.”

‘Ask Ladybrain’ will simulcast Sunday at 9:00PM-10:00PM PST on KWSS, 106.7 FM in Phoenix, Arizona. Archives of the show will be available soon after on

Samples of Daniel A’s erotic stories can be found at

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Start My Porn Company Fast-Tracks Budding Porn Producers

Start My Porn Company helps new porn producers
Chatsworth, California – Getting into the porn industry has always been a hit or miss proposition, and many budding porn producers have been frustrated in achieving their goals. Adult actress Linda Roberts has launched a fast track solution for those that want to get in the game, Start My Porn Company.

Start My Porn Company provides strategy and guidance for those hoping to build their own porn empires. Roberts said, “Over the past few years, hundreds of adult production companies have launched, yet only a handful have succeeded. There aren’t many adult industry professionals that are willing to mentor newcomers, and unless you have been an industry insider for awhile, you can never understand the intricacies of what it takes to be successful. It takes a lot more than a great idea for a porn video to succeed in this industry. You have to know everything from how to put together the actual production to how to package and market your product.”

Not a business school or course, Start My Porn Company was created to immerse fledgling porn producers in the realities of the adult industry, by sharing the knowledge of real industry professionals. Along with business consultation services to support new producers every step of the way, Start My Porn Company offers a professional network comprised of top industry professionals who have proven experience in every aspect of production, delivery and marketing for the finished product.

“My goal is to bring together industry professionals and those that are interested in getting into the industry,” explains Roberts. “The idea has been brewing in my mind for at least three years, and I decided now is the right time to offer this type of service. I drafted my good friend, Sherry Ziegelmeyer of publicity firm Black and Blue Media, as a partner in this. Then we started building a network of amazing directors, cinematographers, editors and directors that we can access to increase the success rate of people who are interested in getting into the industry as producers.”

Ziegelmeyer supports Roberts’ timing in launching Start My Porn Company now, even with the over all decline in adult sales, “Interest from people outside the industry in becoming adult producers has been building steadily for the past five years or so. There are many adult business courses and production workshops out there that support Linda’s and my beliefs in the amount of interest that exists. However, during the past year there has been a trend toward people wanting someone who will actively help them build their business, so they didn’t have to do it on their own. When Linda broached this concept with me, I had to agree that her idea of introducing these new producers to experienced industry professionals and getting them on their way to actually producing content is timely.”

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This Valentine’s Day – Put Your Hand DOWN and Yell!

Michigan – Daniel A, an author of intimate audio-stories is protesting the couples-biased message of Valentine’s Day this year.

“Those of us who are alone get tired of all the mushy sentimentalism that companies use to sell their products,” says Daniel A. “Merchants bombard us with messages that say buy a gift for your loved ones, ignoring the impact of their message on the millions of people who choose to be alone.”

Advertisements reinforce social pressures to pair off and get married. Society expects this of us, and any other lifestyle is seen as deviant or unacceptable. You can be a successful woman with a PHD and a million-dollar business, but if you’re not in a relationship, you’re missing out. You’re a failure. You can’t even start to live until you have someone with whom to share your life. Valentine’s Day is as unfair to singles as New York is to smokers!

This cultural expectation is absurd. Finding potential companions and dating them is a lot of work, hard work. It rarely pays off. The failed efforts often leave people more frustrated or depressed than if they had accepted their single status. And it takes time and energy away from more productive endeavors.

Those of us who choose to (or need to) be single deserve some recognition. We especially deserve to treat ourselves like whole people, not someone with a missing better half that can’t be found.

So this Valentine’s Day, ignore all the stupid marketing messages from candy and jewelry merchants. Ignore the remarks from friends and family that you “have to find someone’”. Accept yourself as you are and do something to celebrate your lifestyle. Treat yourself to a gift. Indulge in a solo pleasure. Put your hand down and yell – “I am my Valentine!”

The author, of course, is marking the occasion with special discounts on his audio stories at all day Valentine’s day and an “I Hate Valentine’s Day” appearance on the ‘Breaking Taboo’ radio show with Lakota Phillips, February 14th on at 4:00PM PST.

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Tony Batman and Screaming O Nab XBiz Crossover Novelty Company of the Year

Tony Batman and Screaming O win XBix Crossover Novelty Company Award
Tampa, Florida – Long time “The Screaming O Club Show” host Tony Batman celebrates his XBiz Award win for Crossover Novelty Company of the Year 2011, by getting back on set for the final principle photography in the mainstream slasher-farce ‘Girls Gone Dead’, scheduled for release in Fall of 2011.

“2010 was a great year for me and ‘The Screaming O Club Show’ and this year looks like it will be more of the same,” said Batman. “We have gotten into places that aren’t usually all that interested in a promotional tour for a product like this. From our time with the producers and cast of Oxygen Network’s ‘Bad Girls Club’, to the clubs and sports bars across the United States, we’ve had a spectacular response from the consumers, as well as the club owners and everyone else we’ve worked with in presenting it. I deeply appreciate that the XBiz voting readers saw the value and quality we put into these live experiences and I am really honored that my road work with Keith Caggiano, and the rest of the Screaming O team, was chosen as the Crossover Novelty Company of the Year 2011.”

Not straying from the theme of how Batman has started to professionally bridge the gap between adult entertainment and the mainstream, he is getting ready to return to his position as Second Unit Assistant Director for the final days of principle photography on the Michael Hoffman and Aaron Wells co-directed horror romp, ‘Girls Gone Dead’. Batman acknowledges this turning point in his career, “It has been an amazing experience working with Michael and Aaron, as well as the entire cast and crew of this movie. I am cast in the movie as the pitchman for a new video reality party series called ‘Crazy Girls Unlimited’, which is the major sidebar story in the movie’s plot. The killer is following us , and picking off the girls that we are taping for that amateur series. Getting to work with legendary WWE host, Jerry ‘The King” Lawler, Penthouse Pets Ryan Keely and Janessa Brazil and ‘Howard Stern Show’ regulars Sal the Stockbroker and Beatlejuice made this a new and exciting experience for me. Being named Second Unit Assistant Director was a bonus, as it proved I’d learned a lot over the years doing my hosting gigs.”

‘Girls Gone Dead’ is scheduled for theatrical release in the Fall of 2011. “The Screaming O Club Show” tour will continue to please audiences across the US as 2011 unfolds.

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