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Ninn Worx DVD Catalog Moves Online to

Micahe Ninn artcore DVD online store

Santa Barbara, CA – Ninn Worx’s DVD catalog has moved online and is available exclusively through the store at [].

Michael Ninn’s legacy series, and block-buster features, have found a new home in the online store, giving consumers exclusive access to the entire Ninn Worx DVD catalog. The store will serve as the signature source for new DVD releases beyond 2012.

The Ninn Worx DVD catalog has not been readily available to the public since 2009, and the introduction of the official online store will make it easier for collectors to fill in titles they may be missing from award winning lines such as Innocence, SoloErotica and FEM, as well as giving those that have recently discovered Ninn Worx brand of art-core erotic imagery a chance to delve deeply into the DVD library.

Ninn explains, “Our catalog of over 100 titles has been off the retail market for approximately 2 years. Adam and Eve distributed The Four this year, and that is available through all retail outlets. However, our very popular series lines, and features like Sacred Sin, Catherine, and In the Garden of Shadows have been missing from most retailers’ shelves.”

New Ninn Worx titles produced in 2012, and thereafter, will be debuted through the store on, and plans are to offer new releases in digital streaming and download, along with both Blu-Ray and DVD formats.


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Michael Ninn Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Art-core Site Launch

Michael art-core hardcore at its finest

Santa Barbara, California – Art-core auteur Michael Ninn celebrates 20 years of exploring the beauty of the female form, with the launch of his flagship member site, []. overflows with the lush, evocative imagery exemplifying Ninn’s legendary status in the world of adult video entertainment. The site launches with hundreds of videos, and countless photo galleries for download, documenting the two decades of the award winning director’s career. Included in the video offerings are the Innocence, Neo Pornographia, Euro Glam, Solo Erotica and FEM lines, extensive behind the scenes segments, and Ninn Worx feature productions.

Feature videos are added weekly, and plans are underway to offer The Four in a web-exclusive high definition version and to premier full-length video of the rock-fueled fantasia, “The Gathering”, later in the year.

Ninn said, “My first love has always been design. I designed this site to allow members to share in the twenty year journey that has been my life and my passion. I have spent most of my life shooting beautiful women and trying to define erotica. From my days at Playboy, to owning my own production company, it has been one amazing journey.”

The site also features an online store, where DVDs and Ninn’s artwork are available for purchase. Customer service is handled personally by Ninn Worx staff, affording the same high level of quality to the consumer experience, as is evident in Ninn’s video offerings.

Take the 20 year journey through the celluloid magic of Ninn, at

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