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Sanctuary Studios LAX Now Booking Video Shoots

Lennox, CA – Sanctuary Studios LAX, one of Southern California’s largest BDSM spaces is currently booking for mainstream and adult video production.

Located in Lennox, California, an independent city within Los Angeles County, the 7,000 square foot facility near LAX has seven rooms available for shoots, along with a kitchen, locker room, green room, double shower, and a large ballroom with stage. The space includes dungeon furniture from legendary designers Sonny Black and Downtown Willy.

“Everything is up to code, because we rebuilt the space from the ground up,” says Mistress Cyan, proprietor and owner of the space, formerly known as Passive Arts. “Much of our facility, including the lighting, kitchen, and bathroom facilities, is brand new.”

Sanctuary Studios LAX is also a well known event space, with stage lighting and a 64 channel mixing board for sound. Other amenities include wireless internet access, and on-site parking. On-site security is available upon request. “We are on great terms with the Sheriff, Lennox Fire Department, and local authorities,” said Cyan.

Some have already taken advantage of the space for shoots and parties.

“I shot an elaborate crowd scene for my Adam & Eve release, The Truth About O, at Sanctuary Studios LAX,” says Ernest Greene, President of Ernest Greene Studios. “Mistress Cyan and her staff couldn’t have been more helpful. The facilities were roomy and well-equipped, with plenty of space available for lighting and other technical gear. Most of all, the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. I happily give my highest recommendation to this facility as a shooting location.”

To book a shoot at Sanctuary Studios LAX, contact Mistress Cyan at 310-910-0525. For details such as photos of the property and location of the facility, go to


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*Craig’s Erotica Editorial*
Damn the Moral Majority: Opens New Companionship and Adult Entertainment Business Opportunities Ad Site launches adult services site

Miami Beach,, an Internet Adult Entertainment Directory website, specializing in Adult Companionship classifieds and Adult Business Opportunities, has called for the Federal Government to do its duty, by protecting all the Constitutional rights of all consenting adults in America, according to our great Constitution.

Our Federal Government has passed on the protection of everyone’s Constitutional Rights to the State Governments, according to Craig’s Erotica. The States have systematically acknowledged the requests of religious groups and conservative factions over that of the general public in America.

Finally, most Americans and regards this as extremely unethical and certainly illegal. What makes this illegal is that this goes completely against the first amendment of The U.S. Constitution. A State must never have any say over what The United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights gives to every American for their protection and freedoms.

Craig’s Erotica is calling out to our Federal Government for the repression and harm that it has allowed to take place regarding Women’s abortion rights, same gender marriages and its interference with what consenting Adults do in private.

There is an Adult Companionship Profession that is there because of the need for their services, and their demand is at an all time high in America. Their Constitutional Rights must be protected at The Federal level, this where it belongs and it must remain there always. The lack of this Constitutional Protection denies everyone’s rights to freedom of expression, especially the Clients and Adult Companions equally (It seems that no one considers the client’s Constitutional rights).

Liberal has its roots in the word Liberty; this is a very powerful word. The time has come to think hard and long about the meaning of this word Liberty.

The furor over our Government’s involvement in private issues is nothing new. Again I remind you about the Abortion and reproductive rights that remain a hot topic nearly four decades after Roe vs. Wade, as does same gender marriages.

Freedom of Speech in regards to pornography is technically governed at the state level, which is ridiculous, but the restrictions of the Federal and State obscenity laws thwarts the U.S. Constitutional rights of all Adult everywhere in America.

Government involvement and regulation has recently gained attention, as Los Angeles County, a prominent home for the adult film industry, passed a measure requiring condom use, another Constitutional Right, and this private choice is taken away from us.

Community Standards is a term that Government likes to throw around. But each individual has their own Community Standard and that must be protected for everyone equally under the U.S. Constitution. But Government has chosen sides and picked a favorite in this discussion. It is no longer acceptable by most Americans to have religious organizations and conservatives telling us how to live our private lives. They then cajole and force our elected officials with threats of labeling them as perverts or deviants if they support the laws that give us all the freedoms for us to do as we see fit to do, in finding enjoyment; such as with love, happiness and the excitement between other like minded Adult Americans.

If you want a happier country and life, don’t be afraid to speak up for our freedoms. It is said, ‘that we shouldn’t fear our government, they should fear us.’

For your information, was conceived in 2010 and is now active online, in order to freely serve the needs of the lonely and other Consenting Adults. advertisers post their Companionship ads, which viewers browse through.

We here at will always maintain our hard line that our Federal Government must protect the Constitutional Rights of the Professional Companionship Adult Industry and immediately restrict all the States from violating these protections, which are the fabric of our Constitution of the United States of America.

It is the goal of to have the cooperation of the Congressional-mandated CyberTipLine, aka the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, for guidance, in order to stamp out all online exploitation of children in the Adult Companionship industry and child abuse everywhere.

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New “Booty Enhancement” Cream Debuts at Adult Entertainment Expo 2013

Bootiful Butt Cream for Beautiful Butts

North New Jersey, USABootiful Butt Cream, a non-surgical alternative to buttock augmentation procedures, is making its trade show debut at the the AVN trade show and exposition in Las Vegas in January of 2013. The product can be sampled in Booth 310 in the Hard Rock Casino’s Artist Hall from January 16th to 18th.

“Beautiful booties are a major focus at the AVN show,” notes the product’s developer, Byron Thierry, “so it makes perfect sense to officially launch Bootiful Butt Cream there.”

Thierry hopes to connect with both consumers and potential distributors at the event. Bootiful Butt Cream is available in a 2-oz. size which retails for $39.99 at The cream, which includes a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, natural botanical extracts and other natural ingredients, is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Distributors can get started with only a 12-jar purchase. They receive special wholesale pricing, plus marketing support including product images and marketing content.

“Priced-Right-Products even handles retail returns, so our distributors don’t have to,” says Thierry. “We’re totally committed to the success of our distributors, whether they’re one-person operations or large retailers.”

Contact Priced-Right-Products at or call 201-245-4665 for wholesale pricing, or stop by booth 310 during the trade show.

Thierry sees a great deal of potential in the “booty enhancement” product category. He notes that buttock enhancement products today are where “male enhancement” products were five or six years ago: relatively unknown, but poised to explode in popularity.

“Think back to when male enhancement pills like Extenze came on the market,” says Thierry. “Everyone laughed, and they were viewed more as a novelty or joke than anything else. But now there are over 2,500 different male enhancement products on the market. Bootiful Butt Cream is among the first derrière enhancement products available. Pardon the pun, but butt enhancement products are a growth opportunity.”

Buttock augmentation procedures are one of the fastest-growing segments of the plastic surgery industry. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery (APAS), Americans spent more than $31 million on buttock augmentation surgeries in 2010, a remarkable 40 percent increase over the previous year.

However, “butt lifts” and augmentations are expensive—as much as $18,000—and come with a long list of painful side effects and complications. Patients have to lie on their stomach for over a week after the painful procedures, are not able to sit normally for weeks, and many have to take at least a couple of weeks off work to recover.

“Why go through all that trauma and expense?” asks Thierry. “Bootiful Butt Cream is specially formulated to improve the appearance of the skin and enhance the plumpness of tissues in the ‘booty.’ Our new product can help you gain a firmer, sexier bottom with no surgery risks or pain. It’s made with all natural ingredients, and even smells great.”

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