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Swinger Social Invites Members to Share Pictures of their Swinging Experiences brings together sex partners in Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina
– A swinging lifestyle leads couples and individuals to many new and unique experiences with friends and strangers alike. As a reliable platform that guarantees members to meet real, active swingers, Swinger Social is inviting their members to share pictures that will spice up their personal blog. Swing parties tend to get wild and naughty, and for those who have snapped a picture at the climaxing moment of the evening, groups can showcase their parties on the premier social site for swingers around the world.

Whether the party included under 10 people or over 50 swingers, every event has some juicy moments that can be put on display. To add some flair to the blog, the pictures can be complemented by the story of the night. Get as detailed as possible, and really get into the moment to describe to other members– and those thinking of joining Swinger Social–the style of parties that occur within the network. Members like to live out their fantasies, and swingers in New Jersey or around the United States now have the perfect way to share their swinging encounter through the blog, on a site dedicated to swinging.

Being swingers in Pennsylvania or swingers in California is a lifestyle with many benefits, including an enhanced sex drive with added frequency of sexual encounters. Swinger Social aims to connect swingers with other like-minded couples to take their experience in the lifestyle to the next level. Make sure to have permission from the entire group before posting, and fill out the contact form to post the media and related stories. When there are no photos, a real story will also spice up the blog. To view recent blog posts, or to inquire about posting experiences onto the site, please visit


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Jay E. Moyes Hollywood, CA – Jay E. Moyes of celebrates his first Hollywood showing of his artwork in the group theme exhibition, “Haunted House,” held at Rick Castro’s Antebellum gallery, Saturday, October 18 through November 1, 2014.

Antebellum’s October group show will display spooky, creepy and macabre works by some of the most recognized fetish artists of Southern California and beyond.

“I’ve been chomping at the bit for this showing for months,” said Moyes. “When I first pitched my artwork for the gallery, Rick picked out a few of my pieces, saying they’d be perfect for his October group show. Antebellum prides itself as being the most renowned fetish art gallery in Hollywood, and I’m honored to be a part of that.”

Works of over 24 artists will be on display, including pieces by Michael Manning, Boots Bryant, and the late H.R. Giger. Moyes will have three pieces on display.

Antebellum’s owner, Castro said, “It’s my favorite time of year, and once again we present our annual All Hollows Eve group show with artworks and performances inspired by hauntings, ghosts, creatures and things that go bump in the night! Antebellum’s manifesto is to bring fetish to the mainstream, and Halloween is the perfect time to get people that usually don’t indulge in viewing kink and overt sexual artistic expression, to let loose and enjoy.”

The opening reception for “Haunted House” is on Saturday, October 18th, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The reception will offer live entertainment from Cindy, Tre-Jour, and Minnie and Roman Castevet, along with the artwork showing. Attendees are encouraged to arrive in costume.

Antebellum is located at 1643 N. Las Palmas Ave. in Hollywood. For cover charge, directions and more details on the show, go to
About Antebellum Gallery:
Hollywood’s Antebellum Gallery offers mature-themed, intimate, art shows in a storied and charming location, hosted by photographer/gallerist Rick Castro. Antebellum Gallery is located in the historic building that once housed the legendary Baroque Books where Charles Bukowski would raise hell with owner, Red Stodolsky. Now Antebellum gives artists a place to raise a little hell of their own, embracing artists working in themes pornographic, erotic, decadent, and celebrating transgressive behaviors.

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