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Washington – – While adult film productions are subject to ever-increasing regulations, Avenue 72 [], a technology driven enterprise, has launched the ultimate safe sex service for Men AND Women.

Avenue 72, the place to “find your erotic connection” is a “classic” phone sex Avenue 72 business, but with a big difference; Avenue 72 puts technology and convenience at the core of its connections experience. Backed by private investment, Avenue 72 believes that innovation can transform an industry that is lagging behind the digital revolution.

Any Device, Any Location, Any Time
Unlike most competitors, Avenue 72’s service allows consumers to experience high quality erotic conversations without restrictions on location or device. Whether on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, Avenue 72 offers VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology that makes any device an erotic connection at a moments notice!

M. Balogun, Avenue 72’s female business manager remarks, “People are online at almost all moments of the day, all over the world and not only via their desktops but also on their laptop, tablets and smartphones. They are at home, in lounges, hotel rooms or even working late at night in an office. We want to create a service which reaches everyone wherever they are and using whichever device THEY choose to use”

Technology surrounds us all in this day and age. Men and women even take their smartphones and tablets into the bedroom! These habits make it more difficult to relax at night. Avenue 72, on the other hand, provides a win-win situation with its service, particularly for partners or contacts distanced from each other.

Ladies Night
While the technical innovation is second-to-none, Avenue 72 is also defying expectations by inviting women to be a valued portion of the site’s clientele. Women have historically been largely ignored by many adult entertainment companies, but Avenue 72 is designed to have a touch of class that will likely be welcome by many members of the fairer sex.

template avenue73 flash card

“The idea behind Avenue 72 is to offer sensual, erotic experiences to our consumers male AND female and remove the stigma attached to phone sex. Women are sensual creatures and enjoy erotic conversations as much as men do” – adds Balogun

To back this up, just searching for the term ‘women and phone sex’ delivered 167.000 results of which the first page entries contained only positive feedback.

Learn and Socialize
Not in the mood for a call right now? Looking to learn more about how to participate? The innovative plans of Avenue 72 include free video content, tips and information for clients and an active blog site where questions can be asked and answered anonymously.

Avenue 72 is also giving away its exclusive publication, The Definitive Guide to Phone Sex, which is an extensive manual for regular or new users of phone sex services. The manual is free for download at

Safety and Security
Phone sex is the ultimate form of safe sex. No need to worry about the various perils of a one-night stand. Plus, disconnecting your call is a lot easier than shooing your one-time partner out of your apartment in the morning! Of course Avenue 72 offers additional protections by allowing consumers to securely purchase calling credit and limit excessive spending with on-site tools.

phone sex - avenue72

Changing the Game
Phone sex has long been seen as taboo by many, but erotic conversations are a healthy part of any relationship. Avenue 72 allows anyone the freedom to take vigorous erotic conversation to the next level!

About Avenue 72:
Avenue 72 advances the way people are able to communicate their sexual desires. Through use of modern technology Avenue 72 brings erotic partners together from all over the world whilst at the same time providing a platform accessible for women and encouraging a liberal attitude towards sex as a whole.


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