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About The Press Wire

The Press Wire is an easy, affordable press release writing and sending service created specifically for the adult industry.

The Press Wire provides communications solutions to connect Businesses, Marketing & Publicity professionals, Non-profit organizations and Performers with the media, consumers and potential business partners across the adult entertainment and retail industry.

We deliver your key messages through content delivery production, press release distribution and online news media placement services in the US and abroad. Our extensive contact list covers all aspects of the adult spectrum. We provide submission of your news to business publications, general industry news outlets, as well as specific press outlets that concentrate on alternative lifestyles, performer focused and consumer oriented news outlets. This gives you the widest reach, while targeting the audience that is most interested in your news.

The Press Wire services both Public Relations Specialists working with companies and organizations and Small Business Owners, performers, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The services that The Press Wire provides:

  • Standard News Release Distribution to over 100 adult oriented news outlets, editors, freelancers and multiple news wire services.
  • Professional Formatting of your submitted news, including a review of all releases for authenticity, grammar, spelling and acuracy.*

*Oops! That should be accuracy. Our editors catch an average of 2 errors like this in each press release submitted for distribution.

  • Image placement with your press releases, to enhance their value for the media and consumers.
  • The Press Wire’s own RSS feed and Twitter updates, to maximize your messages reach to other businesses and consumers.
  • Social Media Tagging on the The Press Wire News Page
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in The Press Wire News Page
  • URL links to your company home page added to all releases at no additional charge.
  • Custom reporting of where your news placed within 72 hours of distribution is included in the submission price.
  • Optional Press Release Writing Services, for those who need help creating professionally produced news releases and announcements.

All of the services provided by The Press Wire are available for an affordable service fee, with no membership required and the ease of credit card payment.  (See Rate Card)

The Press Wire Word Press Blog is one of two places that you can read our press releases. We have an on site blog style News Page HERE. If you choose to subscribe to The Press Wire News feed, you can link to either of the RSS feeds; the one available through or

The Press Wire News blogs will never run “hardcore” artwork of any type, however links from both blogs may lead to sites that are only intended to be accessed by those of legal age (normally 18 years of age or older) and those sites are in no way affiliated with The Press Wire, other than The Press Wire acting as a reporting source of those sites’ news.

While the subject matter of some press releases found on The Press Wire News may be “adult” in nature, and may contain words that might be deemed offensive to some persons, at this time words alone can not be deemed “pornography”, and The Press Wire maintains that it is every U.S. Citizen’s Right to Freedom of Speech, to allow such words to be transmitted in writing, online or in any other form of media. It appears that even the FCC is failing at being able to keep words from being freely expressed to consenting audiences. Information wants to be free.


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