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BBC Series ‘Queer Britain’ Gets Intimate with Chaturbate’s Cookie Cosmos

Cookie Cosmos Interview with BBC's "Queer Britain'

London, England – Aired on BBC-Three June 4, 2017, Queer Britain episode “Inside Britain’s Queer Porn Industry” interviewed UK cam sensation Cookie Cosmos, as she live-streamed her Chaturbate show to hundreds of viewers.

Queer Britain host Riyadh spoke intimately with Cosmos, discussing her sexual identity, the connection that camming allows a performer to create with the audience and her motivation in becoming a Chaturbate broadcaster.

“The reason I do cam porn is as a form of advocacy; people can talk to you and get an impression of your personality that is not possible in twenty minutes of videotaped sex,” says Cosmos. “I do not market myself as trans, I market myself as a woman who happens to have a penis. I avoid the terms that create conceptions based on porn marketing, which reduce people down to ‘penis and boobs’. I want to provide content that is fun, interesting and respectful.”

Riyadh responded emotionally to an interaction between Cosmos and a viewer that was considering transitioning, displaying the intimacy that can be created by the immediacy of live-streaming cam sites, regardless of the hundreds of people taking part in a typical chat session. “To have that one-to-one advocacy and help from someone who’s done that journey before you is . . . is incredible. She’s using her platform for good.”

“Inside Britain’s Queer Porn Industry”, the fifth episode in the six-part Queer Britain series, explores the relationship between titillation and validation in the world of queer porn, meeting the producers and performers bringing different sexuality and identities to the adult entertainment audience.

All six episodes of the Queer Britain series are available to view on YouTube, or through the official UK restricted site,

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Linda Roberts Dishes Sex Tips in “Glamour”

Linda Roberts sex tips in June 2012 Glamour magazine

Chatsworth, California – Start My Porn Company’s Linda Roberts joins a dozen authors, actors, medical and sociological experts sharing tips for better sex, in Glamour magazine’s, June 2012 edition.

“The Secret to Great Sex (in 50 Words or Less)” feature, gathers the insights of such notable figures as Dr. Mehmet Oz, “Sex Made Easy” author, Debby Herbenick. Ph.D., Dr. Laura Berman, Ph. D., Michael J. Fox and Roberts, providing Glamour readers a plethora of tips to improve their sexual adventures.

While Dr. Oz suggests the holistic approach to a happy sex life, advocating purported aphrodisiacs, and author Herbenick promotes “coital alignment”, Roberts’ advice comes from her years of experience in both real life, and her years in reel life on adult video stages.

Roberts shares, “For a lot of us, the stresses of our lives make even trying to get in the mood for sex with our partners difficult, so anything you can do to make that easier for the both of you is a good thing. One thing mentioned in my interview is that a porn set is probably the least sexy place you will ever be. Because of the long days spent on a porn shoot, you have to find ways to generate chemistry with your fellow performers before you get down to business. The better the other person feels, the better they are going to make you feel. The sex tip I gave Glamour focuses on the simplest and most overlooked physical act that anyone can employ to make their partner feel cared for, in any situation.”

Glamour writer, Anna Dimond, did intense interviews with a wide variety of sex experts and adult industry insiders, before choosing which would make it to the final story.

“I hated to have to boil one of Linda’s points down to 50 words. She gave me a lot of great and interesting answers to the question of professional secrets to great sex. I actually think there could be an interesting book or longer ‘lessons from the industry’ article here! I’d love to draw on her experience to offer tips that might help the less-experienced woman have great sex, or ready herself and her partner for intimacy, or a greater connection.”

Roberts’ secret to making all sex better is included in “Glamour‘s The Secret to Great Sex (in 50 Words or Less)”, available on news stands now.

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Extra Lunch Money Checks out Start My Porn Company’s Services

Extra Lunch Money Video Internet Show
Orange County, California – Extra Lunch Money’s Benic Way took the time to discuss the reality of what it takes to build a successful porn production company with Linda Roberts and Sherry Ziegelmeyer, partners in the adult business consultation and management firm, Start My Porn Company (SMPC), on the most recent edition of the popular web cast, ELM Avenue [].

“I was greatly impressed with the amount of industry knowledge and experience that Linda, Sherry and the people involved with the Start My Porn Company ProNet bring to their service. It is a unique concept for those that want to start their own adult production companies. Their credibility can’t be denied and if I was starting a production company, I would choose to work with them,” said Way.

Start My Porn Company’s services go beyond the typical lecture, book or video courses that are available to those seriously interested in starting their own adult production companies. SMPC offers one-on-one business consultation and strategy planning, as well as professional referrals to a vast network of adult industry professionals through the SMPC ProNet. Another offering by Start My Porn Company is a Weekend Intensive Production Workshop, where those interested in learning how to plan, shoot and market adult content can work along side members of the ProNet on an adult set.

Roberts explains, “Many people are interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes during a hardcore video production. When we started putting together the concept of Start My Porn Company in 2008, we knew that we would need to offer people real experience on a set for them to truly understand how the adult industry works in all its varied aspects. Participants in our Intensive Production Workshops receive expert advice on how to budget and plan productions, keep mandatory government records, learn what revenue streams are available in adult, and they have the ability to ask technical questions of adult professionals while our video production is taking place.”

SMPC’s first 2012 Weekend Intensive Production Workshop will take place in February and demand for advance invitations have been high.

Ziegelmeyer added, “We started putting out advance invitations to the SMPC Newsletter mailing list in December. Our members showed a great amount of interest in the workshop. In fact, the reason why Benic at ELM Avenue contacted us about this interview is that one of his regular listeners is also on the SMPC Newsletter list and wanted to inform other ELM Avenue listeners about this opportunity. Benic has a unique sales avenue for amateur adult producers with the Extra Lunch Money site, and there are similarities in the way Linda and I view the changing aspects of adult content production and distribution, and the options that the people behind Extra Lunch Money are looking at, as they grow their business. Pros working together to help those starting out in this industry is what SMPC is all about.”

Listen to the entire broadcast at

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Reverend Mel is Talking Sex with Start My Porn Company’s Linda Roberts and Frank Castle

Reverend Mel interviews Start My Porn Company members Linda Roberts and Frank CastleHollywood, California – Start My Porn Company’s founder, Linda Roberts and her husband, director Frank Castle, join the divine Reverend Mel for a special appearance on the internet TV channel, Talking Sex Radio, [] on Monday, June 6, 2011.

Roberts and Castle will be discussing their swinger lifestyle, life in the adult industry and also providing the audience with information on their joint project, Start My Porn Company, which supplies budding producers with business consultation and management services.

“It’s been a fantastic freshman year thus far for Start My Porn Company, as we’ve had a lot of response from people that have been seeking business consultation specifically for adult companies. Our first client will be launching his website, in a couple of months, and we have been able to get two producers lined up with cohesive business plans that will help them succeed in the industry, even with the economy as sluggish as it remains. We are also working with directors Otto Bauer, Nicki Hunter and Frank on brokering a production investment deal for one of our clients,” said Roberts.

Castle hints at Start My Porn Company’s future plans, “Linda and I always enjoy spending time with Reverend Mel, and for some reason she ends up getting information out of us that no one else does. So, I have a feeling we may be talking about some new consultancy services that are being added to Start My Porn Company, as well as workshops that Linda and I are planning for those that want to learn porn production first hand.”

Tune in to the 8:00PM PST interview with Roberts and Castle on Monday night, at Call in to the live show with the toll free number, (888)834-0589.

For more Start My Porn Company news and events, visit

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Platinum Puzzy Talks Porn Insider Secrets with Start My Porn Company

Platinum Puzzy Radio

Jacksonville, Florida – Radio hostess with the mostest, Platinum Puzzy takes to the internet airwaves of Platinum Puzzy Radio [] discussing the reality of what it takes to build a successful porn production company with Linda Roberts and Sherry Ziegelmeyer of adult business consultation and management firm, Start My Porn Company [].

Ms. Puzzy is no stranger to the travails of launching and operating her own porn company. She started her amateur site seven years ago and had to learn everything on her own, without much guidance along the way. She has succeeded in the amateur adult industry because of her passion, drive and determination. The work has paid off, garnering her nomination for BBW Star of the Year 2011 in the Urban X Awards. However, there is always room to grow for someone of Ms. Puzzy’s intensity and business savvy.

Ms. Puzzy is ready to go further saying, “I had taken a break from doing my radio show for a couple of months, to regroup and think about what I was doing with the show and my production company. This is 2011 and everything about the world, and the adult industry, has changed. I decided it was time for me to start interviewing the people that are behind the camera, to get at the heart of what makes for success in the industry.

“This isn’t just for my personal education; it’s for all the performers out there that are starting to think about stepping up their game. Since this is my new focus, I am delighted that the first guests on the re-energized Platinum Puzzy Radio show are Linda and Sherry from Start My Porn Company.”

While Ms. Puzzy has succeeded in building an empire while many others have failed, Start My Porn Company Founder, Roberts agrees there is little real information available for those that are interested in getting into the adult industry as producers.

“I’ve been producing, directing and performing in adult and mainstream for a little over 15 years, and I had many successes with my productions. However, I was fortunate enough to work with professionals that taught me what I needed to know when I started out. I’ve watched people fail simply because no one with real experience would tell them the truth about what it takes to own and run your own production company. That’s why Sherry and I formed Start My Porn Company. Our goal is to give people that want to be successful in adult an honest and realistic view of the industry, and how to structure their company, to get the best return on their investment of time and money.”

Start My Porn Company’s Ziegelmeyer said, “There is no way not to love Platinum Puzzy. She’s real, honest, a great radio personality, a warm and caring person and an excellent business woman. There’s a place for her in Start My Porn Company and Linda, Miz Puzz and I will be working together on a growing partnership as 2011 progresses.”

Listen to the entire broadcast at, or from the blog.

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Start My Porn Company’s Linda Roberts Interviews with The Fox on Radio Dentata

Linda Roberts Pretty Shot

Cyberworld, United States – Adult actress, producer and founder of Start My Porn Company [], Linda Roberts discusses the realities of porn production in an appearance on ‘All Night Long’ with The Fox, airing Friday, February 25, 2011 on Radio Dentata.

“There’s a lot about porn production that anyone who has never actually been on a set simply does not know. In this show, I have some great conversations with The Fox about how different the average person’s perception is about what goes on during a porn shoot as opposed to the reality,” said Roberts.

It has been a learning experience for The Fox as well, “I have learned a lot speaking with Linda and I must say that what I knew about the adult video industry turned out to be very different from what really happens on the set and in the post-production phase. I always assumed that shooting people having sex was as simple as pulling out a video camera and pushing record. That is obviously not what is happening with professional porn production, when it comes to companies that are making the money we hear talked about in magazines like Forbes and Time.”

Roberts and her partner in Start My Porn Company, Sherry Ziegelmeyer, are on a mission to keep new porn producers from falling into the traps most newcomers encounter as they venture into the adult industry. Their discussion with The Fox and his co-host, Kitty, touches on every aspect of the adult industry, and especially those that are most relevant to adult video productions.

“Unless you have the ability to speak directly to someone who has real experience in this industry, someone who has made the product and successfully sold the product, and for a long enough period of time to be considered an industry professional, then you will only get unimportant generalities and myths about making porn. That is not the way to start out in this industry successfully,” Roberts explains.

To hear Roberts’ full interview with The Fox on ‘All Night Long’, tune in to, at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, or 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, on Friday, February 25, 2011.

If you have been thinking about starting an adult production company and don’t know where to start, visit Roberts’ site

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Hypnotic Dreams’ Creator to Entrance ‘Ask Ladybrain’ Host on KSJO

Daniel A will hypnotize host of LadyBrain February 20, 2011
San Jose, California – Sunday, February 20th, at 9:00PM PST, Daniel A, an author of erotic audio-stories, and the creator of will appear on the ‘Ask Ladybrain’ show on San Jose, California radio station KSJO, 92.3 FM. He will be on air to dispel myths about erotic hypnosis, talk about his use of hypnosis in erotic stories, and do a demonstration, hypnotizing host Seph Walton for the audience.

“This is really exciting,” said Daniel A. “KSJO is one of the biggest radio stations in the San Francisco Bay Area, with an independent spirit that goes back decades. ‘Ask Ladybrain’ is a fun and lively show. I’m honored to be Steph and Lauren’s guest and I look forward to charming the Bay Area airwaves Sunday night.”

‘Ask Ladybrain’ will simulcast Sunday at 9:00PM-10:00PM PST on KWSS, 106.7 FM in Phoenix, Arizona. Archives of the show will be available soon after on

Samples of Daniel A’s erotic stories can be found at

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Hypnotic Dreams’ Daniel A Guests on “Breaking Taboo”


Los Angeles, California – Daniel A, the owner of Hypnotic Dreams, will guest on internet radio program, “Breaking Taboo” with Lakota Phillips. The show will feature Daniel A and other guests taking on the topic of sexual taboos, airing live on New Dissident Radio, Monday, December 20, 2010 at 4:00PM Pacific time.

Along with the main topic of the show, Daniel A will be discussing his experiences with using erotic hypnosis to help his listeners embrace their sexuality in a healthy and fulfilling way, and updating the audience on the forthcoming release of his latest erotic audio story.

Hypnotic Dreams’ next release, ‘The Artist’s Brush’, is a hypnotic audio story designed to increase the listener’s awareness of her sensual touch and erogenous zones. ‘The Artist’s Brush’ is an entertaining erotic audio story, styled like a Victorian romance, about a proper lady who rediscovers her suppressed sensuality through the gentle, seductive artist who paints her portrait, then her skin. As with all of Hypnotic Dreams audio stories, hypnotic suggestions and positive affirmations embedded in the narrative help the listener become more aware of her own sensuality and experience greater pleasure in the touch of her real-life lover.

Also joining in Monday’s discussion will be Reverend Jeffrey Brunk, who is well know for drawing fire during his previous appearances on “Breaking Taboo” with his personal notions concerning legalizing prostitution, among other aspects of his unholy outlook.

“Breaking Taboo” will air live on Monday, with the show available on podcast through about a week later. Friends and fans can call in at 323-284-5532 or through Skype at NDRadio.

Free audio samples of Daniel A’s stories, articles, and much more can be found at

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Hypnotic Dreams’ Daniel A Returns to Playboy Radio’s ‘Night Calls’


Los Angeles, CA – Daniel A, the owner of Hypnotic Dreams, returns to Playboy Radio’s ‘Night Calls’ on Wednesday, December 1, 2010. The mysterious guest will talk about the upcoming release of his erotic audio story, ‘The Artist’s Brush’.

Daniel A’s erotic story for women, ‘The Artist’s Brush’ uses hypnotic suggestion intended to increase awareness of sensual touch and erogenous zones. The hypnotic suggestions are wrapped in the story of a model that is gently seduced by her artist and introduced to pleasure through the touch of his brush strokes.

“It’s great coming back for another appearance on ‘Night Calls’ this week,” said Daniel A. “The last interview was great fun and I am looking forward to discussing how to increase sensual awareness through hypnotic suggestion.”

Hosted by Nicki Hunter and Christy Canyon, ‘Night Calls’ airs on the Playboy Radio station through Sirius and XM Satellite Channel 99. The show starts at 4:00 PM Pacific time. Friends and fans can call in to the show at 877- 205- 9796. A replay of the show will run at 9:00 PM PST.

Hypnotic Dreams produces seductive recordings for both men and women. Free audio samples of Daniel A’s stories, articles, and much more can be found at

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Hypnotic Dreams’ Daniel A to Guest on Playboy Radio’s “Night Calls”


Los Angeles, California – Daniel A, the owner of Hypnotic Dreams, will be a guest on Playboy Radio’s “Night Calls” on Wednesday, September 29th. Mr. A will be discussing the effects and uses of erotic hypnosis and his new audio book releases with hosts Nicki Hunter and Christy Canyon.

“I’m excited to be able to share my unique art with the Playboy community,” said Mr. A. His company’s recent releases include ‘Ultimate Kiss’, an erotic story about fellatio for women, and ‘Enthralling Rhythms’, an erotic story for men, voiced by his associate Tammy.

“Night Calls” airs on the Playboy Radio station through Sirius and XM Satellite Channel 99. The show starts at 4:00 PM Pacific time, with Mr. A’s interview set for the latter half of that hour. Friends and fans can call in to the show at 877- 205- 9796. A replay of the show will run at 9:00 PM Pacific.

Hypnotic Dreams produces seductive recordings for both men and women. Samples of ‘Enthralling Rhythms’, ‘Ultimate Kiss’ and many more can be found at

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TPW Dateline News

August 2020

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