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Zombie with a Shotgun Spins the Undead Genre Around

Zombie with a Shotgun spins undead genre aroundNew York, New York – Indie studio, Film Brewery, releases a high-style psych-thriller that looks at the untraversed side of undead legends in the feature, Zombie with a Shotgun, now available through streaming services, Amazon, Google Play, and TubiTV.

Director and Writer, Hilton Ariel Ruiz, presents a unique take on the zombie-genre supported by a cast of popular indie film veterans, which includes Braeden Baade, Kathryn Kuhn and Kyle Hester. The story follows Aaron, who makes an arduous journey with his girlfriend, Rachel, to uncover the deep secrets of the zombie virus and how it is affecting his future and their relationship.

Ruiz said, “Zombie with a Shotgun is that zombie film where all the rules we know about zombie films go right out the window. It was filmed against the backdrop of New York City, with edgy drone shots and an amazing animation piece from Robin Steele, who created Stick Figure Theater for MTV’s Liquid Television.”

Hester shared production memories, “Zombie with a Shotgun was an all encompassing indie film experience. We were filming in a basement in Manhattan and running around the city at night, chasing zombies. I loved every minute of it and Hilton Ariel Ruiz is one of the new kings of indie. I can’t wait to bring bounty hunter, Hank Ray, back to life in the sequel!”

Hester’s words are an appropriate tease; Zombie with a Shotgun is scheduled as a continuing project. There is a companion comic series, which ties to the feature film.

Ruiz confirms, “The print copies add expansion to the film’s universe, as many elements from that series are in the feature. The first comic issue of Zombie with a Shotgun was released in 2017, with artwork provided by Simone Gugliemini, best known for his work on Image comics Near Death. We’ve rolled out four more issues so far and the world of ZwaS has become even more extended. Everyone will see more of the overall story in the sequel feature film, as we plan to start production at the end of 2020.”

View the trailer on YouTube and then enter the distinct realm of Zombie with a Shotgun at and . . . then imagine how prophetic the storyline might be for humanity.

Social Media: @ZOMBIEWASHOTGUN @hiltonarielruiz @KyleDHester

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Hollywood Strip Legend StoryTeller Releases “Lost Album”

StoryTeller album release preview Little WillyCyberspace, Internet—StoryTeller, one of the most popular Los Angeles based strip sensations of the 90’s is ready to unleash their “lost album” through Apple Music in the fall of, 2019.

Vocalist Jerome Story, lead guitarist J.P., bassist John Donovan, Craig Campbell on keyboards and drummer Stephen Teller comprised the dynamic rock band. Serving up a crowd-pleasing mixture of melodious techno harmonies and hard-edged rhythm drive, StoryTeller reigned the Hollywood club scene from Club Lingerie to The Viper Room, becoming a beloved staple in US and European music fans’ libraries during a time when the LA music scene was ablaze in the ears of the world.

“What a great era . . . LA was on FIRE then and we were right in the middle of it,” reminisces Campbell.

When the album was initially scheduled to drop, Pirate Radio 100.3 FM announced StoryTeller’s original release date on the Shannon in the Morning show, with a debut of the upcoming single Little Willy, the band’s wildly popular version of the Sweet cover tune. Echoing the sentiments of so many of the band’s mass amount of fans’ sentiments, Scott Shannon’s co-host, Gavin, referred to StoryTeller as “The greatest thing since sliced bread!”

That was a long time ago, however great music is timeless. Now the world will finally hear the entire album. Preview the StoryTeller single Little Willy at

Is the “lost album” the Swan Song for StoryTeller? Donovan smiles and with a wink says, “We are talking some new music. . . .”

StoryTeller releases Lost Album on Apple Music

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William Rotsler Retrospective Adult Film Festival and Book Release Event

Golden Age of Erotic Cinema William Rotsler
San Francisco, CaliforniaDigital Parchment Services announces a special William Rotsler Retrospective Adult Film Festival [] taking place May 23 through June 6, 2015 at the San Francisco Center for Sex and Culture, celebrating the launch of a new, enhanced edition of the legendary writer-director’s controversial look at the 1960s birth of the adult film in The Golden Age of Erotic Cinema.

Digital Parchment Services publisher, Jean Marie Stine remembers, “William Rotsler was truly a renaissance man. He was an acclaimed sculptor, filmmaker, photographer, reporter, novelist, illustrator, cartoonist, and the recipient of multiple awards. But first and foremost, William was a visionary erotic filmmaker, acclaimed for such cult classics as Agony of Love, Mantis in Lace, Street of a Thousand Pleasures and Like It Is! During the 1960s he directed dozens of short and feature length films.”

Back in print for the first time in 40 years, The Golden Age of Erotic Cinema is Rotsler’s personal view of the rise of adult filmmaking in the 1960s, beginning with Russ Meyer’s phenomenal success with Deep Throat – the movie that put adult films on the map. The novel takes readers behind the scenes for a look at the making of erotic movies, presents personal interviews with adult stars and producers, and concludes with an “Erotic Cinema Checklist”, rating over 100 erotic movies of the era.

Over the years since its original publication, The Golden Age of Erotic Cinema has achieved the status of a classic on its subject. Eric Schaefer, Associate Professor of Visual and Media Arts at Emerson College hails the book for its “valuable insights and unique perspective,” while John Minson in Bright Lights Film Journal says the book chronicles “the porno-chic age,” providing “contemporary perspectives and valuable insights”

The Rotsler retrospective kicks off Saturday, May 23 with The Golden Age of Erotic Cinema release party and presentation of a video recap of Rotsler’s life and work, including trailers for his erotic movies, personal reminiscences from friends. The evening will end with a showing of one of his notable films.

The following two Sundays will feature more clips and trailers plus screenings of Rotsler’s selected groundbreaking adult films. Throughout all three weeks, there will be a special gallery exhibition of posters for his movies, samples of his erotic photography, and reproductions of his adult cartoon work on display at the San Francisco Center for Sex and Culture.

The Center for Sex and Culture is located at 1349 Mission Street in San Francisco, California, 94103. To pre-order tickets visit

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Severe Society Films Releases Fetish Feature Epic ‘Treacherous’

severe society films treacherous fetish epic featureLos Angeles, CASevere Society Films is proud to announce the release of ‘Treacherous’, by far their most ambitious project to date.

Co-directed by SSF co-owner Dee Severe and infamous director/performer Aiden Starr, “Treacherous” took a year to shoot, and sports a four-hour running time with many DVD extras.

‘Treacherous’ follows the behind-the-scenes plotting, power plays and overall treachery of the owner and managers of a twisted underground sex club. The film features over 50 performers and extras including Starr and Severe, Tim Woodman, Caroline Pierce, Nikki Darling, Mickey Mod, Dana DeArmond, Kiki D’Aire, Charli Piper, Jay Taylor, Jessie Parker, Maia Davis and Ruckus.

A power struggle between club managers Aiden and Tim spurs the quest for bigger, more extreme live sex shows. Aiden scores big with a “ladies’ lunch” strap-on gangbang, starring 7 vicious Dommes having their way with extreme anal performer, Slut Bottom Chris. Later, Tim plots revenge with his house slave while Aiden bonds with the club’s owner (Severe), as the two amuse themselves by tormenting the resident slave boys. The women make their most extreme move to solidify power amid a spectacular BDSM sex show that’s a 3-ring circus of deviant action.

“It’s the Gone with the Wind of fetish movies!” laughed Severe. “We wanted to really challenge ourselves and bring all our mainstream indie filmmaking experience to porn–and I’m so glad we did. This is the best movie we’ve ever done. It was also an incredible experience to co-direct with Aiden Starr, she was a perfect partner in crime!”

“It was a delight and an honor to work with Aiden on this project,” added co-star Woodman. “This was a twisted, evil, sexy, horrible, wonderful romp and I loved every second of it.”

“Treacherous is the most ambitious project that I’ve ever co-directed. It’s enormous, lush, deviant, violent and dangerous,” said Aiden Starr. “Working with Severe Society was like a perfect storm. The combination of talent, resources and fetish experience snowballed into a mountain of a movie. I was really pleased to incorporate so many of my fetish and porn performer comrades into one giant fuck fest!”

“While some of the larger mainstream adult films companies have taken on productions of this scope, I think this is a first for a fetish film,” noted SSF co-owner Jimmy Broadway, who served as executive producer, cinematographer and lighting designer for the project. “Treacherous has something for everyone–female Dommes, male Doms, female subs, male subs– in every possible pairing. There is nothing like it out there today.”

For retail sales and more information on ‘Treacherous’, visit

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Intersec Interactive Releases Feature, ‘Compromises’ Starring Cherie Deville on

Compromises creepy predicament bondage feature film
Catskills, New York – Intersec Interactive is proud to present their latest predicament bondage and domination feature, Compromises starring Cherie DeVille on their bondage site
The feature film was directed by the company’s founder PD. The feature will be released in serialized format. The first segment is available now and the second releases on Friday, October 11.

Compromises depicts DeVille going to what she thinks is an average, glamour bondage, shoot. Little does she know that PD is exactly the type of bondage “photographer” every model wants to avoid. Porn Star Lavender Rayne is also featured in this creepy, cinematic bondage movie.

“Cherie’s incredible acting is what really puts this feature over the top,” says PD. “She really committed to the role.” is a metal, leather and device bondage site started in 2006 by the creators of Insex, namely PD. The site features some of the most creative and original bondage devices as well as tough, beautiful, models in bondage and predicament scenes.

Compromises was shot in the company’s farmhouse in the beautiful Catskill Mountains over the summer. The eerie sense of isolation in the countryside adds depth to this feature BDSM film.

“PD is really great at playing the creep,” says Matt Williams, the company’s CEO. “He is the original bondage legend and it shows in everything he does. He pays immaculate attention to detail, which makes his works stand out from other companies. We are really trying to get back to the artistic and theatrical nature of our productions with this feature.”

The trailer can be viewed on the official website,

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‘Stripper: Natasha Kizmet’ Featured New Release on Netflix

Stripper: Natasha Kizmet movie box
Hollywood, California – Netflix adds the independent comedy release, ‘Stripper: Natasha Kizmet’ to their popular streaming video rental service.

‘Stripper: Natasha Kizmet’ is a broad comedy, shot in a mocumentary style, that follows a naive, strikingly beautiful girl from Uzbekistan, who comes to America seeking fame and fortune as the producer and star of a belly dancing concert tour. Instead of finding her golden ticket to Hollywood stardom, she takes a comedic detour through a world inhabited by sleazy photographers, malevolent strip-club owners and pimps, a sex-addicted preacher, and an unexpected side-trip to a porn convention, which lands her in the cloying clutches of adult entertainment personalities, including Tony Batman and Ron Jeremy.

Director and screen writer, Michael Drumm co-produced the mocumentary with Kizmet, who also shares writing credits. ‘Stripper: Natasha Kizmet’ has achieved cult movie status, since its release in 2009. The title garnered Kismet the “Silver Screen Best Actress Award” from The Nevada Film Festival. The movie was also featured in the 2010 Saint Petersburg Nomadic Tendencies Film Festival and the Hollywood Mock Film Fest in 2011.

The film’s long list of co-stars and featured characters include Batman, Carlo Galliano, Rod Halmshaw, Jeremy, Kimberly Kole and Jennifer Leahy, among many other adult performer cameos.

Batman recalls, “Michael Drumm spotted Natasha on the floor with me at the 2009 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. We’d struck up a friendship at one of the hotel parties, after she congratulated me on my Screaming O Road Show emcee work, which landed me on Oxygen’s ‘Bad Girls Club’. The following day, Natasha came along with me while I was doing interviews with the models and porn stars at the show, for my A! Entertainment broadcast. She was interested in doing some interviews, so I handed her the microphone. Producer Michael Drumm saw something special in her improvisational skills while she was doing those interviews and asked, ‘Why don’t we make a movie about you?’ He and Natasha wrote a part in the movie for me, because we played off each other so well.” reviewer, Ben Arispe writes, “This was a great movie. I enjoyed Natasha being so innocent and funny! Natasha narrates the entire movie, and for those of you who like beautiful women with foreign accents, this is a definite plus! Natasha comes across as very personable and sweet, and for those funny parts in the movie she’s a very good sport!”

‘Stripper: Natasha Kizmet’ is un-rated due to adult content and multiple topless scenes. A trailer is available at

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