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Stormy Daniels Truth Now Shipping!

Stormy Daniels Truth signature fragrance

Phoenix, Arizona – What is Truth? Media bombshell, Stormy Daniels releases her signature scent, Truth following a viral campaign that according to Fox News and USA Today, successfully lit a fire across the World Wide Web.

Distributed exclusively through on-line retailer, It’s the Bomb, Daniels’ signature fragrance is pheromone infused, decidedly gender-neutral and gently creates a soft, clean aroma that lingers long after application.

“Embracing your personal truth is the one thing that everyone can do to empower and enhance their own life. Whether it’s speaking out on personal experiences or pursuing the goals we set for ourselves with determination to succeed, we each control our own story and how it will shape us and those around us,” said It’s the Bomb Chief Executive Officer, Suzette Hughes.

Daniels personally chose the name of the fragrance line, which fits her outlook on the way she approaches her own life. Her 2018 summer tour across the US will take her to gentlemen’s clubs and retail outlets, while also appearing in multiple media interviews related to her recent high-profile legal action.

“I have reached the point in my life where I know that I am in charge of what I do and who I am. I have fully embraced my own truth and now I am sharing that empowering message with everyone seeking the complete freedom to be who they are. Honesty within and about ourselves leads the way to great things. ‘Truth’ is more than a fragrance to me; it is a symbol that will remind those who wear it that they are in charge of their own life,” Daniels observed.

Embrace Truth now and explore the entrancing visual imagery featuring Stormy Daniels, by visiting


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Introducing Dark Garden CBD Infused Intimate Products by Michael Ninn

Dark Garden CBD infused personal intimacy products

Las Vegas, Nevada–Sensual healing is the goal of the new Dark Garden line of CBD infused intimate products now available from auteur, Michael Ninn.

This trio of personal lubricant, throat spray and erection enhancement roll-on products go beyond the norm in creating a sensual experience for lovers that carries long-lasting health and wellness benefits, provided by the high concentration of CBD hemp oil in the formulation of this collection.

Scientific research trials undertaken by the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Fort Collins, New York University School of Medicine and the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center indicate that the human body has millions of cannabinoid receptors in the brain and nervous system. CBD is not only present in botanicals such as hemp and marijuana; natural cannabinoids are already produced within the human body. When plant-based CBD oil is used by humans, it effectively boosts the function of the endocannabinoid system. This natural, physical response to CBD’s chemical components helps to relieve anxiety, improve mood, enhance circulation and treat inflammation, among many other health benefits.

“CBD has the ability to increase intimacy between partners by reducing stress and increasing physical desire and performance in both men and women, which leads to prolonged personal enjoyment. All three products are designed to work together, yet each brings its own unique attribute to create an amazing night of pleasure and healing,” explained product creator, Ninn.

Available exclusively through the retail site,, the Dark Garden Collective features water based and unscented CBD Lube Drop, a soothing CBD Peppermint Deep Throat Spray and CBD Roll-Hard for prolonged intimate enjoyment. Each USDA certified offering in the collection contains 250 milligrams of CBD derived from hemp oil mixed with a range of all-natural components, including mint and peppermint extracts, aloe gel, goldenrod and Agave nectar.

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For a Limited Time, Honeylicious Will Add a Free Gift to Every Order

UK Adult Sex Toys

EMLEY, EnglandHoneylicious [], the United Kingdom’s premier provider of adult toys and accessories, is now offering a free gift with every order. Depending on the amount spent, Honeylicious customers will, for a limited time, qualify for anything from a free “Mini Personal” toy to the high-end “Jessica Rabbit Original.” All shoppers have to do to take advantage of the new offer is fill up their online shopping carts as desired and select one of the available free gifts. As always, all Honeylicious orders ship free of charge throughout the United Kingdom in discreet packaging, with batteries included for all items that require them.

“We’re all about spicing up life for our customers, and our new free gifts are going to further that mission for sure,” Honeylicious representative Stuart Holdsworth said. “We’ve picked out some of our most popular items to offer for free, so every customer will receive a special bonus with their regular order. Whether that means a compact Mini Personal toy or a fun, exotic light saber, these free gifts are already going fast.”

The global adult toy industry generates over £10 billion in annual revenues, according to the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, with nearly a quarter of the world’s adults reporting experiences with the goods it turns out. The United States leads the way in terms of related Google searches per resident, but the United Kingdom is close behind in second place, falling short of the top spot by a mere fifteen percent.

Since 2006, Honeylicious has been one of the most trusted and popular suppliers to this United Kingdom of avid adult toy fans. With a vast selection of products designed to appeal to everyone from those seeking something a little out of the ordinary to the most adventurous, the company’s online store provides easy, discreet access to the best the industry has to offer. Carefully selecting only the best-made and most innovative products on the market, Honeylicious buyers have assembled a collection of more than 3000 items that ranks as the most extensive and best curated in the entire United Kingdom.

With the company’s new free gift offer, customers have even more reason to seek out something special and new from Honeylicious. Four different free gifts are available, with those who spend at least £50 being eligible to select from any of them, and no minimum order required. As with all Honeylicious orders, standard delivery is free throughout the United Kingdom and all shipments arrive in discreet packaging.

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Shake Your Booty (Shorts) with the Sure Fuck Cologne Clothing Line

Shake your Booty with Sure Fuck Cologne Los Angeles, CA –It’s not enough to smell great and carry a lot of cash when you’re out playin’ the datin’ game, so Sure Fuck Cologne for Men [] launches a line of togs sure to enrage every school principle and minister in the United States.

Sure Fuck doesn’t discriminate in making sure that both guys and gals can offend the masses by proudly proclaiming their sexual availability; the clothing line includes both uni-sex t-shirts and booty shorts, featuring the Sure Fuck logo and motto, “Nothing’s for certain, but one thing’s for sure.”

Sure Fuck’s clothing line is an extension of the brand’s overall mission to put the fun back in fornication. While Sure Fuck Cologne and apparel are obvious novelty gift choices for bachelor parties, frat parties and divorce parties, Sure Fuck maintains integrity by providing quality products suitable for intimate holiday gifting.

As for the quality of Sure Fuck Cologne for Men, review site Mr. Will’s House of Thrills says, “I think it smells fucking wonderful. I do think Sure Fuck cologne can hold its own against designer fragrances, and it’s pretty cheap to smell as good –and have the staying power– that it has.”

Sure Fuck Cologne and the clothing line are available through the official company website,

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luxury on line vibrators and sex toys at Cupid's Box web store
Philadelphia, PACupid’s Boxis comin’ to town! As an online retailer providing high-end sex toys and supplies to customers looking to buy bondage gear online, read reviews of high-end vibrators and dildos, and get fast, discreet deliveries, Cupid’s Box is looking to pay it forward during the season of giving (or receiving!) as a thank-you to its loyal customers across the country. This December, any adventurous onlookers can email with the subject line “Winter Product Giveaway” to be entered into a no-strings-attached contest to win their choice of one of three tiers of innovative, scintillating toys; Cupid’s Box will only contact the winners of the giveaway, and will never send contestants spam or share their information with 3rd parties.

So what’s up for grabs in Santa’s sack? To start, prizes are divided into three tiers, for the first, second, and third-place winners. The first-place winner will be able to choose from the LELO Elise 2, LELO Ora 2, and We-Vibe 4 Plus; with values of up to $174.99 each, these incredible toys may make winners late to caroling, but they’ll sure be singing their praises in the bedroom. The runner-up in second place gets to pick from three equally exciting options, the Jopen Ceres Rabbit, Icicles No. 40, or Key™ by Jopen – Ceres Lace, while the third-place victor makes out like the Grinch with either the OVO K5, The Realistic Cock 6″, or a Jopen Charms Plush.

For more information on the Winter Product Giveaway from Cupid’s Box, check out their blog; to browse the company’s complete inventory of products and buy lubricants online, search specific toy models, or read reviews of gear, visit

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Ho-Ho-Hold Onto Your Socks with Gift Ideas for Couples from

luxury on line vibrators and sex toys at Cupid's Box web store

Philadelphia, PA — The eternal holiday question: what does one get for the woman or man who seems to have it all? When searching for the perfect gift for a partner, the ante is most definitely upped: chain-restaurant gift cards won’t cut it, jewelry might not be in the budget and, unless “repurposed” hot wax is someone’s thing, candles should probably be relegated to the office Pollyanna. But what about a gift that literally keeps on giving – something that’s not only a thrill to receive, but will blow their mind time and time again? Here’s a hint: the answer isn’t wool socks.

With couples’ toys from online sex toy provider Cupid’s Box , clients can find ideas for gifts that benefit both giver AND receiver, while also reminding a partner that they’re the hottest thing since mulled wine. With the We-Vibe ®4-Plus, the #1 app-controlled couple’s vibrator, couples can download the app and connect from across the bedroom or the country, providing an opportunity to make those office parties and long return lines at Sears’ roughly 100% more thrilling. For a shorter-range but no less titillating experience, Cupid’s Box also offers gift givers looking to buy sex toys online remote-controlled vibes in several price points, as well as vibrating cock rings by LELO and OVO.

Still having trouble finding the perfect gift? Just remember: Santa isn’t the only one who can decide who’s been naughty or nice. Rather than putting coal in the stocking of a naughty S.O., Cupid’s Box provides a –slightly – cleaner alternative with a wide array of bondage gear, including restraints, whips, paddles, floggers, nipple clamps and blindfolds that are sure to jingle anyone’s bells.

The discreet packaging offered by Cupid’s Box does more than disguise private purchases from nosy neighbors in the season for generosity: it also helps purchasers ensure that their partner won’t get their surprise ruined either. With perks like free 2-day shipping on all purchases over $30, it’s no wonder that scintillated shoppers increasingly turn to Cupid’s Box to buy lubricants online, shop for new and innovative sex toys, and use the company’s helpful crowd-sourced reviews and unique, detailed descriptions to help them make a decision.

To learn more, or to start shopping for the perfect presents to place under an X-X-X-Mas tree, visit

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luxury on line vibrators and sex toys at Cupid's Box web store

  Philadelphia, PA — The results are in! Thanks to a highly scientific survey of 100 anonymous straight women by online sex toy store Cupid’s Box, there’s now hard evidence that men don’t mind when women take to their toys in their absence.

According to the survey, though many women express some concerns that they should hide their vibrators and dildos for fear of making their partners jealous, an overwhelming number – 95% – of men don’t mind a bit if their lover has a battery-powered friend to keep them company on solo Netflix-and-chill nights. So now that the main concern of many women has been alleviated, how else can this unique Cupid’s Box survey help sway others to see the light?

To start, while many women got their first sex toys early (from ages 18-24), aging truly is like fine wine – plenty of women ages 55 and up buy vibrators online for the first time, meaning that adventurousness grows with time! Of the respondents, however, 60% of all women bought their first sex toy at a store, with only 13% purchasing them online. Could this be due to fear of a highly-graphic box arriving at their home, apartment or dorm room? If so, take comfort, discreet women of the world – while Cupid’s Box celebrates every sexual proclivity, the company also understands that what’s done in the bedroom need not be visible next to the front door. All orders are shipped in completely unmarked boxes, labeled only “CB, Inc.” Better yet, priority shipping and express processing comes free with all orders over $30 – meaning clients can get in, get out, and get off ASAP.

Cupid’s Box survey respondents also reported that they’ve had a sex toy break on them (39%), perhaps the traumatizing reason why the vast majority reported that they would be willing to spend $50 or more on a sex toy with a warranty. Many of the high-end sex toys carried by Cupid’s Box, including the famously innovative brand Jopen, come with year-long warranties – meaning clients can feel safe investing in the quality sex toy they deserve, without fear of having their wild ride be ruined by the little engine that couldn’t.

To buy anal beads online, dildos online or many other unique, high-quality sex toys that come with guaranteed discretion, at a simple click of the mouse, visit their website at

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luxury on line vibrators and sex toys at Cupid's Box web store
Philadelphia, PA–It’s a proven fact: orgasms relieve stress. And what’s more stressful than the hassle that comes with packing for and getting through airport security before a flight?, an online carrier of a vast variety of luxury, high-end sex toys, believes that travelers shouldn’t need to leave their vibrators at home just when they need them most! For clients who are afraid of the wrong kind of “good vibes” making an untimely appearance during their trip, has put together a list of high-end vibrators that come complete with a travel-lock security function, to help keep self-love on the low-down.

These featured Jopen vibrators – the L3.0, L3.5, VR3, VR10 and Ceres Rabbit – can be set to firmly resist turning on despite any bumping they’re subjected to during security checks and while in overhead compartments; when the security lock feature is enabled, toys are completely inactivated and won’t cause their owner any unwelcome surprises.

With several of the vibrators featuring a unique design that offers 100% play area for ultimate maneuverability, as well as independent, incremental speed controls guaranteed to sync up with any rhythm, these toys will more than make up for any on-board turbulence by bringing their own earth-shaking oscillations! A complete list of these suggested toys is available on the Cupid’s Box Blog, where they will find links to buy vibrators online.

For those who still have room in their baggage between their bikinis and sunblock, Cupid’s Box also offers a host of different playthings to tantalize, tease and titillate between sightseeing excursions and ocean frolics. The company provides everything from hybrid, silicone and water-based lubricants to dildos, anal play toys, bondage gear, lingerie and various accessories. All products come with reviews and extensive descriptions to help clients make a choice that will be sure to keep them flying mile-high long after they’ve disembarked from their planes.

To browse the complete inventory offered by Cupid’s Box and buy sexy toys online, visit

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luxury on line vibrators and sex toys at Cupid's Box web store

Philadelphia, PA — Most consumers wouldn’t buy a car, TV or cell phone without putting in at least a little legwork as far as research goes – so why treat a sex toy any differently? Luxury sex toy boutique,, believes that, just like any other investment, clients searching for an item to really light their fire, should have ample access to detailed reviews and insider info, in order to ensure they find the perfect, out-of-this-world toy to truly blow them away.

Detailed Reviews from the Pros

Many Cupid’s Box toys come with manufacturer-made videos and personally-written descriptions from the company’s industry experts, which describe the advantages of–and careful design process behind–their aesthetically stunning and incredibly effective products. Whether choosing from a selection of hand-crafted glass dildos perfect for temperature play and G- or P-spot stimulation, or making a tough call between different models of elegant LELO vibrators, clients can know that their final decision was a fully-informed one. On top of product information, these videos are also a great source for instructional tidbits on achieving optimal performance, as well as proper care and cleaning.

Crowd-Sourced Commentary

Cupid’s Box isn’t afraid of client reviews of their vibrators, dildos, anal toys and plethora of other products to tickle every fancy; in fact, the company relies on client feedback to ensure they only stock the highest quality and most reliable products on the market; products that are guaranteed to deliver exactly what’s been promised. Prospective customers can browse public reviews for each product to help them decide on a toy that’ll be sure to measure up, while those who are already the proud owners of a certain plaything can sing its praises so others can leap at their chance to own it themselves.

Cupid’s Box dares prospective clients to take the plunge and visit, where they’ll find a huge variety of toys for every mood, whim and fantasy.

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Luxury Sex Toy Boutique Cupid’s Box Offering Large Selection of Brand-Name Vibrators


Philadelphia, PA — Whether buying a gift for a lover or looking to invest in a little self-care, choosing the right vibrator can be a daunting task. With so many selections on the market for every whim and price range, it can be difficult to narrow down the selection and end up with the perfect toy. Cupid’s Box, a luxury online sex toy boutique that recently celebrated its grand opening, takes the guesswork out of shopping by providing a wide array of vibrators to fulfill every need, along with product information, reviews and videos that customers can use to make the right choice when shopping for the perfect sex toy.

Philadelphia-based Cupid’s Box features an enormous catalog of sex toys to satisfy customers’ every desire. With hundreds of options in vibrators, dildos, massagers, anal play toys, bondage supplies, lubricants, lingerie and more, Cupid’s Box is a one-stop-shop for all adult products. Cupid’s Box provides discreet online shopping for those who like to keep their business private, with all products shipped in plain brown boxes and all labels and billing marked simply, “CB, Inc.”

On Cupid’s Box, clientele searching for vibrators in every price range will find a multitude of options to suit their needs. Cupid’s Box features brands such as Jopen, Duo, OVO, LELO, California Exotics, CocoLicious and more, in models including rabbits, clitoral vibrators, g-spot vibrators and vibrators for couples. Available in an assortment of colors and materials with rechargeable or battery-powered options, every visitor to Cupid’s Box is sure to find a toy to match their criteria. To celebrate the company’s kickoff, Cupid’s Box is also currently offering a summer sale with discounts up to 30% on select vibrators, dildos and accessories, continuing until September 2015.

For more information about the products offered by Cupid’s Box or to place an order, clients can visit the website at or email

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