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One of the Biggest Crypto Airdrops Has Just Launched

Pron Friendly Crypto Currency Launches at Sharesome

New York, New York– Before even being publicly announced, Sharesome’s Flame Token (XFL) airdrop took off as soon as the company activated the airdrop on their website ( In the first 48 hours during the weekend, over 150,000 people signed up to the airdrop on and 23,000 people joined the Telegram group – making this already one of the biggest airdrops in history by number of participants.

But the hype doesn’t come as a complete surprise. The team likes to point out that Flame is quite different from most other cryptocurrencies, because its underlying community – – has already been built. Sharesome is a NSFW social network that already uses the Flame Token (XFL) for tipping content creators and for buying ads in the form of promoted posts on the website.

“Our approach from the beginning was to build the product first, then launch the token, then ask for money – and not the other way around,” says Sharesome’s CEO Tudor Bold. “We already started selling Flame Tokens (XFLs) on and with the airdrop we create the buzz and liquidity that will kick-start a revolution in the adult industry and enable eCommerce for all adult content creators.”

Sharesome’s Flame Token (XFL) is an ERC20 token designed for the entertainment industry, which does not rely on expected future development. The team worked on the Sharesome platform since its beta launch in January 2018 and so far the growth has been exponential. Sharesome’s user base has been doubling every 2 months and content creators are already successfully driving traffic and sales to their paysites.

Sharesome planned on giving away 525,000,000 XFL through their airdrop on, but because the tokens where exhauster in less than 3 days, the company doubled the initial amount to 1,050,000,000 XFL. People can sign up with their email address and immediately receive 500 XFL. The Flame token airdrop includes a referral program. Participants receive 1,375 XFL for every person they refer to the Airdrop. The referral amount will drop as more people join the campaign.

The Flame Token (XFL) is designed to allow tipping, content bounty campaigns and to purchase ads on While for many content creators today selling content and ad revenue is the main source of income, the ad market is going through rough times. Companies such as Sharesome are therefore betting on alternative monetization sources for content creators, like tipping, which relies on small voluntary user contributions that add up to larger amounts. Therefore, the company created the “Flame Button” on, but it also can be seamlessly integrated into any other website as a social plugin through a simple code snippet and allows visitors to tip XFL through their Sharesome account.

The Flame project also includes an ingenious bounty campaign system, through which users can create democratic voting pools that act as a reward for successfully hunting specific types of content.

Participants vote for each submission with Flames, the content that stays #1 for three days straight is declared a winner and the XFL reward goes to the person who submitted that content. Same as on other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, users can purchase sponsored posts (in this case, with XFL) to promote their content. The only difference is that Sharesome allows and encourages NSFW-content, unlike Instagram, which is well known for its approach to pictures of nipples, or Facebook, which is known for locking users out if they post a NSFW picture.

“What we basically do is to bring social media to porn, and crypto to social media. Even though porn is a 100 billion-dollar industry that generates 30% of the internet’s traffic, there is no social media site for adult content creators and their audience,” said Bold.

He adds, “The Flame token is poised to revolutionize how the entertainment industry is monetized, making it easier for people to reward quality content and increasing revenue for content creators.”

For more information on Sharesome, please visit


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PleasureText Introduces Rev-Share Cam Toy Network

Make money from webcam toy show
London, England, UKPleasureText introduces a new direct revenue stream for all live cam performers through their toy shows, when using the newly launched PleasureText Cube wireless toy system.

Joseph Garcia, founder of PleasureText, saw a need for live performers on cam and through broadcast stations, like England’s Babestation, to make money from the toy shows that are commonly used to generate more fan interaction with live cam shows.

“There are hundreds of cam models that use sex toys in their cam shows–some even use existing ‘Interactive’ toys. Performers offer toy shows because they know it increases fan interest and interaction. The more time fans spend watching the cam show, equals more money for the performer. But before PleasureText, toy shows never made performers any money directly from the toys they have been using. PleasureText changes that. By using the PleasureText Cube toy system, not only does the performer keep fans watching longer and provides more one-on-one interaction, but the PleasureText Cube bills fans that control a performer’s toys directly through our network. That’s a revenue steam that was completely untapped, before the launch of PleasureText.”

PleasureText uses cutting edge cloud technology to allow fans to control a web performer’s toys, changing speed, rotation and other toy settings, for the period of time the fan chooses. Additionally, the PleasureText Cube offers a built-in display screen, so the performer knows exactly who is remotely controlling the toy in real-time. This allows the performer to communicate to the fan that is controlling the toy, forming a virtual intimacy between the performer and the fan.

Each PleasureText unit is composed of the Cube and two designated, wireless, sex toys programmed to respond with the Cube and with the PleasureText application programming interface (API) widget, which installs on the performer or cam studio website. The installation of the API within any cam site is easily accomplished with a “copy/paste” short code, which allows the fans to access PleasureText’s credit purchase gateway and a web interface to control the toys and send the information about the toy commands to the performer’s Cube screen.

Garcia says, “Design is not just what it looks and feels like, design is how it works. This philosophy can also be seen in how easy the cube is to use. If you can switch on the TV, you can use this product. All PleasureText units automatically set themselves up through wireless communication with the PleasureText Network. It happens within minutes of plugging the Cube into a standard electric wall socket. This connection signs the Cube assigned to a cam performer into the PleasureText Network, so performers start earning 40% immediately.”

PleasureText debuted on UK’s Babestation.TV web channel, Babestation Unleashed, over the Labor Day weekend in the United States. Beta testing begins in the US in September.

To view available PleasureText Cube packs, product information and demo videos, visit the official website,

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Protect Your Copyrighted Digital Art with Chroma Shift Steganography

Protect your digital art with Chroma Shift ID embedding

It isn’t easy to combat online piracy of your valuable digital art, and it has been even harder to trace it back to the offending pirate. Chroma Shift introduces a server side Digital Rights Management system that allows content providers to embed user identification into all their JPEG images using steganography.

Steganography provides for a cutting edge Digital Rights Management (DRM) system suitable for every type of artist, and content provider, who displays graphics on the web. Chroma Shift embeds a user defined message, like the member’s ID or other identifying information, into all digital images that are downloaded from a website. Unlike a watermark, steganography is virtually imperceptible to the naked eye.

Chroma Shift CEO, Alexander Fotios explains why this is ground breaking for all types of graphic artists and content producers in both the mainstream and adult industry.

“While Chroma Shift doesn’t stop theft it will let you know who is leaking your content so you can immediately terminate their user account and slow the bleeding. You have the user ID of the member who leaked the content to file sharing sites or bit-torrent, embedded in the actual photo or other graphic that they downloaded from your site.

“From there it’s a simple matter of matching the user ID to your membership logs, terminating their account and logging their copyright infringements for potential prosecution. The best part is that the embedded information will persist in the JPEG image even if it is scaled, cropped, PhotoShop filtered, recompressed or otherwise manipulated — you can’t get rid of it unless you degrade image quality to the point that it loses most of its value.” and have embraced Chroma Shift’s PHP plug-in as their new DRM system for their member sites. Both sites have implemented the Chroma Shift plug-in, allowing their furry niche anime artists an extra layer of protection in managing their copyrighted images.

Jeremy Bernal, founder of Sexy Fur and Tail Heat said, “We had to find a solution in which the embedded data would remain intact to the point the image was undesirable or destroyed if a pirate tried to alter it, and that’s where Chroma Shift came in. Not only does it help us stop piracy but it is cost-effective. Filing copyright lawsuits is expensive; even sending out registered cease-and-desist letters is expensive. But cutting off the pirate’s access and keeping the evidence on hand should litigation become necessary, is very cost-effective in the long run using Chroma Shift.”

The Chroma Shift steganographic module is developed in C, for the Linux platform, and compiles into a PHP loadable module. It can therefore be accessed by a site’s internal PHP scripts while providing the speed of a natively compiled program. This allows for embedded steg information to be created dynamically, directly through the website. Additionally, there are options to embed a traditional watermark to all images passed through the Chroma Shift plug-in, making the system even more customizable to the content owner.

For more information on the Chroma Shift stenography plug-in, and to try out a demonstration of how the steg embedding works, please visit the official website,

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