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Sharesome Is the NSFW Social Network for People Unfairly Censored On Twitter Or Instagram

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Cyberspace — “The internet is for porn” is the unofficial anthem of the web and it’s true when you look at the facts: 25% of all search engine queries are related to porn. 12% of all online content is adult content. But that doesn’t mean social media is for porn. Just post an NSFW pic on Facebook and you will be locked out of your account for days. Instagram is well known for its approach to pictures of nipples, and Twitter, while pretty sex-positive in its rules and policies, started to shadowban users with NSFW content. Tumblr, usually a porn heaven, just doesn’t take off as a site that connects people.

Meet Sharesome, a new social media site for posting NSFW photos, videos and links, just like you would share on Facebook or Twitter.

Part social media experience, part porn heaven, Sharesome introduced topics; moderated communities about literally anything kinky. By joining or creating a specific topic, users can interact with each other based on their shared kinks, or just sit back and enjoy the results of thousands of people constantly aggregating the best content from the web around a specific fetish. Inside topics, users share links to gifs, images, and videos from the Internet – for the first time, sharing porn videos on a social network makes sense.

Sharesome also just started its ‘Content Creator Program’ that allows verified users to post and share their own content. “The adult industry is changing right now. Livechat performers and porn actors want to no longer be dependent on production studios, they want to be entrepreneurs, to produce and sell content on their own terms.” says Sharesome CEO, Tudor Bold. “Technology encourages that. We see a huge trend of creators selling content peer-to-peer on websites like ManyVids or Clips4Sale. Even porn giant Pornhub launched its own ‘Model Payment Program’ for independent content creators.”

What seems to be a very positive outlook for these small entrepreneurs, actually doesn’t look so good as these independent producers are cut off from traditional social media sites where they could build an audience. Sharesome-CEO Tudor sends a clear message to the tens of thousands of independent creators in the adult industry: “We built Sharesome, so live chat performers and porn actors can grow a fanbase and send traffic to their own websites, camsites or paysites. We already host stars like Jasmine Rouge or newcomers like Candie Cross, and unlike other social networks, we will never block or shadowban their accounts.”

In a world where mainstream sites are increasingly hostile towards adult content, Sharesome emerges as the haven where people are free to discover and share their inner kink self.

For more information on Sharesome, please visit


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Washington – – While adult film productions are subject to ever-increasing regulations, Avenue 72 [], a technology driven enterprise, has launched the ultimate safe sex service for Men AND Women.

Avenue 72, the place to “find your erotic connection” is a “classic” phone sex Avenue 72 business, but with a big difference; Avenue 72 puts technology and convenience at the core of its connections experience. Backed by private investment, Avenue 72 believes that innovation can transform an industry that is lagging behind the digital revolution.

Any Device, Any Location, Any Time
Unlike most competitors, Avenue 72’s service allows consumers to experience high quality erotic conversations without restrictions on location or device. Whether on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, Avenue 72 offers VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology that makes any device an erotic connection at a moments notice!

M. Balogun, Avenue 72’s female business manager remarks, “People are online at almost all moments of the day, all over the world and not only via their desktops but also on their laptop, tablets and smartphones. They are at home, in lounges, hotel rooms or even working late at night in an office. We want to create a service which reaches everyone wherever they are and using whichever device THEY choose to use”

Technology surrounds us all in this day and age. Men and women even take their smartphones and tablets into the bedroom! These habits make it more difficult to relax at night. Avenue 72, on the other hand, provides a win-win situation with its service, particularly for partners or contacts distanced from each other.

Ladies Night
While the technical innovation is second-to-none, Avenue 72 is also defying expectations by inviting women to be a valued portion of the site’s clientele. Women have historically been largely ignored by many adult entertainment companies, but Avenue 72 is designed to have a touch of class that will likely be welcome by many members of the fairer sex.

template avenue73 flash card

“The idea behind Avenue 72 is to offer sensual, erotic experiences to our consumers male AND female and remove the stigma attached to phone sex. Women are sensual creatures and enjoy erotic conversations as much as men do” – adds Balogun

To back this up, just searching for the term ‘women and phone sex’ delivered 167.000 results of which the first page entries contained only positive feedback.

Learn and Socialize
Not in the mood for a call right now? Looking to learn more about how to participate? The innovative plans of Avenue 72 include free video content, tips and information for clients and an active blog site where questions can be asked and answered anonymously.

Avenue 72 is also giving away its exclusive publication, The Definitive Guide to Phone Sex, which is an extensive manual for regular or new users of phone sex services. The manual is free for download at

Safety and Security
Phone sex is the ultimate form of safe sex. No need to worry about the various perils of a one-night stand. Plus, disconnecting your call is a lot easier than shooing your one-time partner out of your apartment in the morning! Of course Avenue 72 offers additional protections by allowing consumers to securely purchase calling credit and limit excessive spending with on-site tools.

phone sex - avenue72

Changing the Game
Phone sex has long been seen as taboo by many, but erotic conversations are a healthy part of any relationship. Avenue 72 allows anyone the freedom to take vigorous erotic conversation to the next level!

About Avenue 72:
Avenue 72 advances the way people are able to communicate their sexual desires. Through use of modern technology Avenue 72 brings erotic partners together from all over the world whilst at the same time providing a platform accessible for women and encouraging a liberal attitude towards sex as a whole.

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amateur, adult, video, studio, store

Montreal, Canada amateur adult video studios, today announced that after a successful four (4) month Beta phase, it has successfully launched its adult web marketplace in April 2015.

Since its official launch, has been gaining credibility as a dependable site and as a result has been attracting producers and viewers looking for something tailored to their needs.

“The momentum we created during the beta phase has translated directly to our live launch and we have seen many new producers join the ranks of, and viewer count continue to rise as they discover the amazing content created by our incredible producers. Our goal is to empower the amateur producer by providing them intuitive tools that allow them control every part of the process and to create their own success, says Danica Parker, Naughty Factory’s Director of Producer Services.

In addition to normal activities, ran successful back-to-back contests over the last few months, paying out $ 20,000 USD in prizes to winning contestants.

The ICEBREAKER Challenge paid out a total of $5000 USD to the following winners:

  • Takiaya Balmone
  • Divinyls
  • Wynter Mac
  • Nicole Lace
  • Molly Silver
  • Mistress Chadford
  • Amanda Mariee
  • Lisa Love
  • Kaylee Holly
  • The BETA Contest saw very close competition and is very proud to have paid out the following amounts to:

    1st place: Little Miss Fats = $10,000 USD
    2nd place: Amanda Mariee = $5,000 USD

    “This is only the beginning of what you can expect from In collaboration with our advertisers, we will be running monthly contests to the benefit of both our producers and viewers,” said Marc Daoust, Marketing and PR Coordinator for

    Please visit our website at adult video studio stores for information on working with Naughty Factory or to sign up for our amateur studio viewing experience.

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    Swinger Social Provides Advice for Making the Best of Swinger Profiles

    Swinger Social Free profiles and club news, Southeast US
    Columbia, South Carolina–As a social network for active swingers, Swinger Social offers a platform to meet and interact with others who lead a swinging lifestyle. Now, Swinger Social is providing advice for making the most of their member’s social profiles. Like any other social network, a profile plays an important role in determining trust and success in meeting other swingers. Every person will go about organizing their profile in a different manner, but in order to be effective and start meeting new people, their advice was developed based on the effectiveness and amount of interaction on member profiles.

    Those who take advantage of using free swinger sites are aiming for new experiences to enhance their sexual lifestyles. Swinger Social wants their users to get the most out of the site with a positive profile by making it stand out. Users who have had the most promising experiences set up profiles that are funny, light-hearted, honest, positive, and specific about their interests. It is beneficial to attract others looking for the same experiences when providing exact interests.

    One of the most important components of a profile is adding a picture. Real photos get more responses and more interaction than profiles without photos. Swinger Social also mentions that no real information—name, number, ID, place of employment, address—should be used in a profile; that should be saved for a chat or email. A professional profile will work wonders to enhance the user’s experience, and this can be done by proper spelling and literate sentences that describe passions, hobbies, attractions, and more.

    For those free-spirited individuals searching for local swingers, a swinging lifestyle can increase the quality and frequency of sex, as well as decrease the amount of stress individuals are faced with on a daily basis. Updating profiles and asking for feedback will boost a user experience, and result in more chats. With a consistent amount of new members, upgraded features, and plenty of fun, please visit the website at today and create a profile that stands out.

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    Swinger Social Connects Local Swingers in the Southeastern United States brings together sex partners in CarolinaColumbia, South Carolina-When looking to connect with other like-minded individuals, Swinger Social is proud to announce the modern site, which brings together local swingers in the Southeastern United States. As a platform that is 100 percent free to join, members are guaranteed to find–and chat or interact with–other active swingers on the site. If looking for new friends and an increased quality of sex, there are many facets of swingers on the social network that are searching for new experiences and new sensations.

    Once new users complete their user name and profile, there are plenty of groups, chat rooms, and private parties to join, as well as other local profiles to browse. Video chat with real swingers, make new friends, and find the next party just miles from a particular location. The site features experienced swingers, intermediate enthusiasts, and those new to the lifestyle. To raise awareness to a certain club, sign up and list a swingers club to attract other swingers in South Carolina and surrounding Southeastern states. Members agree that swinging has benefited their sex life, resulting in better and more frequent sex.

    For those interested in leading a swinging lifestyle, the platform provides members the opportunity to find swingers clubs in North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and throughout the southeast, as well as local clubs in their state of residence. Whether a couple or a single individual, there is always room at a swinger party for members of Swinger Social. To hear more, or to sign up and start meeting other swingers, please visit the website at, today.

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    Just in time for professional football to start, one of the most innovative sites launches on the web –

    Jacky Joy on September 5
    Los Angeles, CA – Betting Sports has today announced the launch of a website called []. The site has everything fans want to enhance their sports viewing experience including beautiful models who engage in a sexy play on strip poker.
    Viewers can watch the action live on Ustream, YouTube, and on during all Sunday Night and Monday Night Football games. The models will be betting on plays, points and who will win the game. As each play is completed, one of the ladies will discard an article of clothing. By the end of the game, viewers can expect the women to be down to their skimpy lingerie. also offers complete bios and pictures of all the models who will be betting on the weekly games, allowing users to “meet the girls” prior to game time. To allow fans to get to know the stars even further, their Twitter handles are listed too.

    Site users also have the opportunity to sign up and make the same bets that the girls are making, via’s exciting Live Betting interface.

    According to Chris Neismeth, Director of Marketing for Strip Sports Betting, “the website has been perfectly optimized for the mobile experience,” adding that users will be able to use their “mobile phones or tablets to watch Strip Sports Betting, while also watching the game.”

    The pro football regular season commences September 5, 2013, and during that opening weekend Strip Sports Betting will be featuring some big-name adult industry stars, including Alexis Texas, Valerie White, Jacky Joy, Vyxen Steel, and Sofia Delgado.

    For up-to-date info on Strip Sports Betting, follow us on Twitter, @stripsportsbet or Facebook at StripSportsBetting

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    *Craig’s Erotica Editorial*
    Damn the Moral Majority: Opens New Companionship and Adult Entertainment Business Opportunities Ad Site launches adult services site

    Miami Beach,, an Internet Adult Entertainment Directory website, specializing in Adult Companionship classifieds and Adult Business Opportunities, has called for the Federal Government to do its duty, by protecting all the Constitutional rights of all consenting adults in America, according to our great Constitution.

    Our Federal Government has passed on the protection of everyone’s Constitutional Rights to the State Governments, according to Craig’s Erotica. The States have systematically acknowledged the requests of religious groups and conservative factions over that of the general public in America.

    Finally, most Americans and regards this as extremely unethical and certainly illegal. What makes this illegal is that this goes completely against the first amendment of The U.S. Constitution. A State must never have any say over what The United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights gives to every American for their protection and freedoms.

    Craig’s Erotica is calling out to our Federal Government for the repression and harm that it has allowed to take place regarding Women’s abortion rights, same gender marriages and its interference with what consenting Adults do in private.

    There is an Adult Companionship Profession that is there because of the need for their services, and their demand is at an all time high in America. Their Constitutional Rights must be protected at The Federal level, this where it belongs and it must remain there always. The lack of this Constitutional Protection denies everyone’s rights to freedom of expression, especially the Clients and Adult Companions equally (It seems that no one considers the client’s Constitutional rights).

    Liberal has its roots in the word Liberty; this is a very powerful word. The time has come to think hard and long about the meaning of this word Liberty.

    The furor over our Government’s involvement in private issues is nothing new. Again I remind you about the Abortion and reproductive rights that remain a hot topic nearly four decades after Roe vs. Wade, as does same gender marriages.

    Freedom of Speech in regards to pornography is technically governed at the state level, which is ridiculous, but the restrictions of the Federal and State obscenity laws thwarts the U.S. Constitutional rights of all Adult everywhere in America.

    Government involvement and regulation has recently gained attention, as Los Angeles County, a prominent home for the adult film industry, passed a measure requiring condom use, another Constitutional Right, and this private choice is taken away from us.

    Community Standards is a term that Government likes to throw around. But each individual has their own Community Standard and that must be protected for everyone equally under the U.S. Constitution. But Government has chosen sides and picked a favorite in this discussion. It is no longer acceptable by most Americans to have religious organizations and conservatives telling us how to live our private lives. They then cajole and force our elected officials with threats of labeling them as perverts or deviants if they support the laws that give us all the freedoms for us to do as we see fit to do, in finding enjoyment; such as with love, happiness and the excitement between other like minded Adult Americans.

    If you want a happier country and life, don’t be afraid to speak up for our freedoms. It is said, ‘that we shouldn’t fear our government, they should fear us.’

    For your information, was conceived in 2010 and is now active online, in order to freely serve the needs of the lonely and other Consenting Adults. advertisers post their Companionship ads, which viewers browse through.

    We here at will always maintain our hard line that our Federal Government must protect the Constitutional Rights of the Professional Companionship Adult Industry and immediately restrict all the States from violating these protections, which are the fabric of our Constitution of the United States of America.

    It is the goal of to have the cooperation of the Congressional-mandated CyberTipLine, aka the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, for guidance, in order to stamp out all online exploitation of children in the Adult Companionship industry and child abuse everywhere.

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    Ninn Worx DVD Catalog Moves Online to

    Micahe Ninn artcore DVD online store

    Santa Barbara, CA – Ninn Worx’s DVD catalog has moved online and is available exclusively through the store at [].

    Michael Ninn’s legacy series, and block-buster features, have found a new home in the online store, giving consumers exclusive access to the entire Ninn Worx DVD catalog. The store will serve as the signature source for new DVD releases beyond 2012.

    The Ninn Worx DVD catalog has not been readily available to the public since 2009, and the introduction of the official online store will make it easier for collectors to fill in titles they may be missing from award winning lines such as Innocence, SoloErotica and FEM, as well as giving those that have recently discovered Ninn Worx brand of art-core erotic imagery a chance to delve deeply into the DVD library.

    Ninn explains, “Our catalog of over 100 titles has been off the retail market for approximately 2 years. Adam and Eve distributed The Four this year, and that is available through all retail outlets. However, our very popular series lines, and features like Sacred Sin, Catherine, and In the Garden of Shadows have been missing from most retailers’ shelves.”

    New Ninn Worx titles produced in 2012, and thereafter, will be debuted through the store on, and plans are to offer new releases in digital streaming and download, along with both Blu-Ray and DVD formats.

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    Michael Ninn Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Art-core Site Launch

    Michael art-core hardcore at its finest

    Santa Barbara, California – Art-core auteur Michael Ninn celebrates 20 years of exploring the beauty of the female form, with the launch of his flagship member site, []. overflows with the lush, evocative imagery exemplifying Ninn’s legendary status in the world of adult video entertainment. The site launches with hundreds of videos, and countless photo galleries for download, documenting the two decades of the award winning director’s career. Included in the video offerings are the Innocence, Neo Pornographia, Euro Glam, Solo Erotica and FEM lines, extensive behind the scenes segments, and Ninn Worx feature productions.

    Feature videos are added weekly, and plans are underway to offer The Four in a web-exclusive high definition version and to premier full-length video of the rock-fueled fantasia, “The Gathering”, later in the year.

    Ninn said, “My first love has always been design. I designed this site to allow members to share in the twenty year journey that has been my life and my passion. I have spent most of my life shooting beautiful women and trying to define erotica. From my days at Playboy, to owning my own production company, it has been one amazing journey.”

    The site also features an online store, where DVDs and Ninn’s artwork are available for purchase. Customer service is handled personally by Ninn Worx staff, affording the same high level of quality to the consumer experience, as is evident in Ninn’s video offerings.

    Take the 20 year journey through the celluloid magic of Ninn, at

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    Adult Voyeur Provides Your Visa to Australian Art-Porn

    Adult Voyeur offers Australian Art-House porn
    Melbourne, Australia – Australian art-porn finds a new home with the International launch of member site [].

    Adult Voyeur takes an artistic approach to all-sex, hardcore scenes, incorporating high-end production values with the diversity of Australia’s natural beauties. But the site almost never made it to an International audience, until CCBill granted the website access to processing for Visa credit cards, along with other credit card billing options.

    Adult Voyeur’s owner and director, Bourke Wills, feels a sense of accomplishment after a hard won fight to secure International credit processing services for his site.

    “It was a long road to finally be able to offer full International access to our site. CCBill smoothed the way for us to accept all credit card options and I thank them profusely for their help. I know that Adult Voyeur is in the lead of the next wave of Australian porn, which was proven when we won for Best Australian Adult Entertainment Website, in the 2011 EROS Shine Awards. I’m glad the rest of the world can now access our site, as well.”

    Raw, sensual video is the hallmark of Adult Voyeur. Every scene is filled with a naturalness enhanced by the free, open nature of the Aussies that Wills and his crew capture. Yet, there is a glow to each scene that transcends the hardcore action into an intensely sensual experience for the viewer. This combination renders Adult Voyeur’s content as unique as Australia itself.

    Wills explains, “Most people, even most porn fans, don’t even know there is a growing Australian adult industry. This is a shame, because there’s some great stuff coming out here and Adult Voyeur is proud to be taking a part in shaping the future of Australian adult entertainment.”

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    TPW Dateline News

    July 2019
    S M T W T F S
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    Protect your trademark in cyberspace

    Safenames offers global domain registration solutions and online trademark protection for the adult industry.

    • ·Professional Domain Portfolio Management
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    • ·Local Contacts for any country code domain extension (ccTLD)
    • ·Offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia

    If you are launching a new brand, Safenames can help you develop a domain name registration strategy to promote and protect your brand around the world. If you have an existing brand and have issues with someone cyber-squatting on your trademarks, Safenames has proven legal expertise in recovering domain names with much less expense than typical fees charged by law firms.

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