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Chaturbate Honored with 19 Adult Webcam Award Nominations for 2016


San Diego, California – Premier cam portal, Chaturbate, is pleased to announce that the company and their Chaturbate broadcasters have received 19 nominations for the 2016 Adult Webcam Awards.

Chaturbate was nominated for 10 awards in business categories, including Cam Site of the Year, Best White Label Site, Model-Friendly Affiliate Program and Business Person of the Year for Chaturbate Chief of Operations, Shirley Lara. Additionally, Chaturbate broadcasters have been nominated in 7 categories, including Cam Girl of the Year, Cam Boy of the Year, Alt/Fetish Model of the Year, TS model of the Year and Social Media Star. Chaturbate broadcasters are also nominated in two fan voted categories, Best Smile and Best Entertainer.

“The entire Chaturbate team is honored to be recognized as having the best platform for fans, models and affiliates, as well as being nominated as the best cam site overall. We congratulate our broadcasters for getting us to the top of the cam site rankings. Our creative and talented performers are what makes Chaturbate so popular with the fans, which fuels the popularity of Chaturbate’s affiliate program,” said Lara.

Voting for the AW Awards is now open at the official site, The 2016 AW Awards will take place on June 8 in Mamaia, Romania and will be hosted by cam favorites LittleRedBunny and Douglas Richter. The awards show is the culminating event of the AW Summit, billed as the largest live cam industry event in the world.

Chaturbate AW Awards nominations

Performer Nominations
Cam Girl of the Year: Dawn Willow and Chronic Love
Cam Boy of the Year: XXXGarretXXX
Best Newcomer: adda4youxxx
Alt/Fetish Model of the Year: Dawn Willow and Lana_Rain
TS Model of the Year: Exxxotique and MrsKellyPierce
Social Media Star: Dawn Willow, XXXGarretXXX and Harriet Sugarcookie
Most Innovative Studio of the Year: AJ Studios
Fan Voted Category Nominations
Best Smile: CandyMadison
Best Entertainer: Dawn Willow and Harriet Sugarcookie

Business Nominations
Best Affiliate Program
Best Broadcaster Software
Most Innovative Cam Site
Cam Site of the Year
Freemium Cam Site of the Year
Boys/Gay Cam Site of the Year
Best Mobile Interface
Best White Label
Model-Friendly Affiliate Program
Business Person of the Year: Chaturbate Chief of Operations, Shirley Lara


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amateur, adult, video, studio, store

Montreal, Canada amateur adult video studios, today announced that after a successful four (4) month Beta phase, it has successfully launched its adult web marketplace in April 2015.

Since its official launch, has been gaining credibility as a dependable site and as a result has been attracting producers and viewers looking for something tailored to their needs.

“The momentum we created during the beta phase has translated directly to our live launch and we have seen many new producers join the ranks of, and viewer count continue to rise as they discover the amazing content created by our incredible producers. Our goal is to empower the amateur producer by providing them intuitive tools that allow them control every part of the process and to create their own success, says Danica Parker, Naughty Factory’s Director of Producer Services.

In addition to normal activities, ran successful back-to-back contests over the last few months, paying out $ 20,000 USD in prizes to winning contestants.

The ICEBREAKER Challenge paid out a total of $5000 USD to the following winners:

  • Takiaya Balmone
  • Divinyls
  • Wynter Mac
  • Nicole Lace
  • Molly Silver
  • Mistress Chadford
  • Amanda Mariee
  • Lisa Love
  • Kaylee Holly
  • The BETA Contest saw very close competition and is very proud to have paid out the following amounts to:

    1st place: Little Miss Fats = $10,000 USD
    2nd place: Amanda Mariee = $5,000 USD

    “This is only the beginning of what you can expect from In collaboration with our advertisers, we will be running monthly contests to the benefit of both our producers and viewers,” said Marc Daoust, Marketing and PR Coordinator for

    Please visit our website at adult video studio stores for information on working with Naughty Factory or to sign up for our amateur studio viewing experience.

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    Australia’s Adult Voyeur Offers Better, Faster Streaming Hardcore Content

    Adult Voyeur offers Australian Art-House pornMelbourne, Australia – EROS Shine Awards, Best Australian Adult Entertainment Website winner, introduces expanded search capabilities and faster, high quality video streaming, for members.

    Adult Voyeur presents full strength hardcore content, high in quality production values. Producer Bourke Wills and his production team weave together the varied vistas of Australia and beautiful Australian women, giving viewers an adult video experience as unique as Australia itself.

    Rabbit’s Reviews said of Adult Voyeur, “Their talents have been put to good work by creating porn with high production values and often an artistic feel to them even though they depict solo masturbation, lesbian encounters, blowjobs or hardcore sex scenes. There is sometimes a softness to the lighting that makes the shoots seem like glossy dreams.”

    Now members enjoy a completely new, user-friendly, interactive experience with updated and streamlined functionality. New features include expanded search options, improved streaming quality and speed with full screen capability and expanded biographies of all Adult Voyeur’s exquisite models. The site is mobile optimized, allowing for viewing access wherever members may roam.

    Wills said, “We’ve updated and upgraded our site functionality, with the aim to provide the absolute best user experience currently available for our niche; pure, real Australian hardcore sex video. However, the improvements aren’t stopping with better video and search options . . . I believe in thanking our members for their loyalty and we will soon be offering something special to members of Adult Voyeur. Stay tuned for more information!”

    Adult Voyeur updates galleries and video content weekly. Enter the new vistas of Australian porn at

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    *Craig’s Erotica Editorial*
    Damn the Moral Majority: Opens New Companionship and Adult Entertainment Business Opportunities Ad Site launches adult services site

    Miami Beach,, an Internet Adult Entertainment Directory website, specializing in Adult Companionship classifieds and Adult Business Opportunities, has called for the Federal Government to do its duty, by protecting all the Constitutional rights of all consenting adults in America, according to our great Constitution.

    Our Federal Government has passed on the protection of everyone’s Constitutional Rights to the State Governments, according to Craig’s Erotica. The States have systematically acknowledged the requests of religious groups and conservative factions over that of the general public in America.

    Finally, most Americans and regards this as extremely unethical and certainly illegal. What makes this illegal is that this goes completely against the first amendment of The U.S. Constitution. A State must never have any say over what The United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights gives to every American for their protection and freedoms.

    Craig’s Erotica is calling out to our Federal Government for the repression and harm that it has allowed to take place regarding Women’s abortion rights, same gender marriages and its interference with what consenting Adults do in private.

    There is an Adult Companionship Profession that is there because of the need for their services, and their demand is at an all time high in America. Their Constitutional Rights must be protected at The Federal level, this where it belongs and it must remain there always. The lack of this Constitutional Protection denies everyone’s rights to freedom of expression, especially the Clients and Adult Companions equally (It seems that no one considers the client’s Constitutional rights).

    Liberal has its roots in the word Liberty; this is a very powerful word. The time has come to think hard and long about the meaning of this word Liberty.

    The furor over our Government’s involvement in private issues is nothing new. Again I remind you about the Abortion and reproductive rights that remain a hot topic nearly four decades after Roe vs. Wade, as does same gender marriages.

    Freedom of Speech in regards to pornography is technically governed at the state level, which is ridiculous, but the restrictions of the Federal and State obscenity laws thwarts the U.S. Constitutional rights of all Adult everywhere in America.

    Government involvement and regulation has recently gained attention, as Los Angeles County, a prominent home for the adult film industry, passed a measure requiring condom use, another Constitutional Right, and this private choice is taken away from us.

    Community Standards is a term that Government likes to throw around. But each individual has their own Community Standard and that must be protected for everyone equally under the U.S. Constitution. But Government has chosen sides and picked a favorite in this discussion. It is no longer acceptable by most Americans to have religious organizations and conservatives telling us how to live our private lives. They then cajole and force our elected officials with threats of labeling them as perverts or deviants if they support the laws that give us all the freedoms for us to do as we see fit to do, in finding enjoyment; such as with love, happiness and the excitement between other like minded Adult Americans.

    If you want a happier country and life, don’t be afraid to speak up for our freedoms. It is said, ‘that we shouldn’t fear our government, they should fear us.’

    For your information, was conceived in 2010 and is now active online, in order to freely serve the needs of the lonely and other Consenting Adults. advertisers post their Companionship ads, which viewers browse through.

    We here at will always maintain our hard line that our Federal Government must protect the Constitutional Rights of the Professional Companionship Adult Industry and immediately restrict all the States from violating these protections, which are the fabric of our Constitution of the United States of America.

    It is the goal of to have the cooperation of the Congressional-mandated CyberTipLine, aka the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, for guidance, in order to stamp out all online exploitation of children in the Adult Companionship industry and child abuse everywhere.

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    Crowd funding site for adult porn entertainment content Offbeatr
    Los Angeles, California – Extra Lunch Money, the marketplace for custom and pre-made adult digital products, announces the advance industry preview of [], a platform that enables public crowd funding for the adult entertainment industry.

    Offbeatr is the first crowd funding resource specifically designed for the adult industry. Offbeatr allows producers, performers, artists, authors and other adult content creators a way to raise money for their projects from individuals in exchange for unique rewards, utilizing crowd funding for the adult industry. With Offbeatr, each Project Creator will get a dedicated page which describes what their project is, how much money they are raising, and what rewards they will offer in exchange for monetary pledges from the public.

    Crowd funding, or crowd financing, describes the collective cooperation of many individuals coming together to pledge funds to an individual or organization to complete a specified project from the funds raised, utilizing the public as the financing arm for the project. One of the most well known mainstream crowd funding sites is Kickstarter, which is often used by small businesses, artists and other creatives that are seeking the support of fans or patrons for designated projects.

    Supporters use Offbeatr to pledge money to projects listed on the site that interest them, and receive the rewards offered by the Project Creators for their financial help in completing the project. At the end of the project funding deadline, if the project reached its goal then the Supporters credit cards are charged and the money is transferred to the Creator. If the goal isn’t met Supporters aren’t charged at all.

    Extra Lunch Money and Offbeatr CEO, Ben Tao said, “I would love to say Offbeatr was a totally original idea, it’s not. While there are hundreds of crowd funding websites online, there are exactly zero which allow projects of an adult or sexual nature. If your creativity involves trying to get your ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ porn parody made, good luck trying on a mainstream crowd funding site. So where does that leave people who have a great adult movie, website or mobile app idea, and need a little funding to get it off the ground? Offbeatr fills that gap and offers several benefits. Project Creators raise the money they need, while retaining the rights to their projects, and Supporters get unique rewards with the satisfaction of directly supporting Project Creators who are producing the type of adult content they want to see.”

    Ela Darling will post a project for the launch of Offbeatr. She explained why the concept is very welcome for performers and others in the adult industry.

    “When Kickstarter launched, I sent out some feelers to see if I could bring to life this fun fairytale porn idea I had, but I was shot down by the site admins because they didn’t want to host that sort of project. Then I catered an adult art project specifically to the Kickstarter community, and it was successful, but it’s still disappointing that in spite of that success, I can’t bring other, bigger projects to a crowd funding site like that.”

    Tao is excited, “There should be a lot of creativity and variety in the projects posted to Offbeatr. Project Creators will be able to present what they’re passionate about and truly want to work on, without worrying about how to make them acceptable to the traditional sources of capital. Before Offbeatr there was little chance of any adult project idea seeing the light of day, but with Offbeatr we offer something previously not offered: Hope.”

    Offbeatr is looking for passionate and creative Project Creators, to submit their projects to the site. Offbeatr projects will be by invitation only during the advance industry preview period. Potential Project Creators can request an invitation by visiting or by email to

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    Europe’s Sun Island Studio Sets Sights on American Adult Landscape

    Sun Island Studio provides full service production support and self produced titles New Castle County, Delaware – European production house, Sun Island Studio, has quietly built a new company stronghold in the United States over the last two years. With the launch of a new internet site, [] the company takes another step in the goal of expanding U.S. distribution of their self-produced adult content and also offering their production services to other adult content clients.

    Since 2005, Sun Island Studio has been a major producer of custom content for European sites, including Scarlett Content and Now the driving force behind the company, producer and director, Alex Allard, offers his video catalog and production services to American content providers, as well.

    “Sun Island Studio is a full service production house, not only for my own adult titles, but also for those that are looking for custom scenes and full length videos for their own sites and catalogs. I have put into place a U.S. team of production and post-production artists, to provide the same high quality straight and niche content to the American industry that I have been providing to European content houses for over 5 years,” said Allard.

    Allard has taken Sun Island Studio’s cameras to exotic locales from Budapest, Hungary to Sao Paulo, Brazil in search of new models. Along the way, he’s branched out into the adult niches of transsexual and gay hardcore, expanding his own content library, as well as those of his clients.

    “Not all beauty is blonde, blue eyed girls. I have been fortunate enough to shoot beautiful models in so many exotic places around the world. Many of them are not the typical porn star that is seen in adult video. I am not going to be a slave to capturing only one type of beauty. I have an eye for the unique, the exotic and models with a natural sexual appetite, no matter if they are girls, men or transgender,” Allard grinned.

    Along with the move to providing production for the American business to business market, come plans to make Sun Island Studio labeled content available more widely through U.S. distribution outlets. BluRay and HD DVD releases of the entire Sun Island Studio catalog are offered as well as expanded video on demand, mobile and broadcast licensing opportunities.

    “I had been thinking more of the American adult industry as 2010 neared. I share a love between my home country of France and my new home in America. My heart is now in two places at once, and it is time for me to follow that into how I conduct my business. It is time for me to release my own titles in the U.S. and to provide other businesses here with my services,” concluded Allard.

    For more information on Sun Island Studio custom production services and Allard’s video catalog, please visit

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    Adult Voyeur Basks in the “Shine” of EROS Award

    Adult Voyeur wins Aussie's Shine award for best adult site
    Melbourne, celebrates the first in what promises to be a long string of award nods, upon winning the category of Best Australian Adult Entertainment Website, in the 2011 The EROS Shine Awards.

    Held on Wednesday, November 23, at the Palace Theater in Melbourne, The EROS Shine Awards celebrates the best in the Australian adult industry, focusing on all aspects of adult entertainment, from fashion design to video production, and recognizing those who achieve in professionalism, innovation, leadership, integrity, imagination, leadership and creativity. Presenters for the ceremony included Sina King, Miss Burlesque Australia 2012, Wicked Pictures contract star, jessica drake, Cassandra Jane, Miss Nude Australia and Miss Burlesque World 2012 and celebrity seductress, Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee.

    Adult Voyeur launched in July of 2011, presenting something rather unique in Australian based adult web sites by focusing on high quality production values while presenting full strength hardcore content. Producer Bourke Wills and his production team weave together the varied vistas of Australia, and the girls that they choose to shoot, letting viewers experience adult video entertainment that is as unique as Australia itself.

    Wills said, “I had been quite confident that our team had a chance of winning in the lead up to the event. I know our site is good and I know our content is good. I have full confidence in my product. But at the same time, Adult Voyeur was up against people who have been in the industry a lot longer and have some fantastic websites, some really stiff competition. We have not been online all that long, but we put in years of work to make our content and site the very best it can be, and this was a validation of that hard work. We really are ecstatic to win, it was a very happy moment to hear our name announced and having everyone coming up to us and saying congrats.”

    Curious about what put Adult Voyeur over the top with the EROS Award voters? Enter the new reality of Australian porn at

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    Start My Porn Company Adds A Risque Business to ProNet

    Get into porn with start my porn company
    Chatsworth, California – Start My Porn Company [] proudly announces the addition of adult industry stalwart, A Risqué Business to the business consultation and management’s vast ProNet referral network of adult industry technical and creative providers.

    ProNet brings together some of the most respected and talented adult industry professionals in such diverse areas as legal services, production, web site creation and post production services. Start My Porn Company provides referrals to their clients from within the ever-growing group of professionals that agree to be a part of ProNet, allowing those new to the adult industry access to the best providers and creative visionaries available.

    A Risqué Business brings professional services for web design, affiliate program creation and management expertise, as well as a proven track record of adult business acumen focused on creating and profiting from web based adult content sites to Start My Porn Company’s ProNet. With more than 15 years of adult industry web design and management experience, A Risqué Business has been behind many successful adult web sites, including Ninn Worx, Cytherea’s Wet World, and their own site, Risqué.

    Linda Roberts, founder of Start My Porn Company, speaks glowingly of the level of service and professionalism A Risqué Business brings to the ProNet. “It’s always a pleasure to work with people who have longevity in this industry. The people behind A Risqué Business know their stuff and are consummate professionals. They are a great addition to ProNet.”

    Roberts credits the professional caliber of the ProNet team to the growing success of Start My Porn Company. “I am proud to say that many genuine adult business legends have agreed to be a part of Start My Porn Company. I am so proud of our professional network, that they are listed on our site, so every client that works with us can see the level of industry achievement that is available to help them build their own companies. I can’t think of another adult consultation and management company that has as many real adult industry professionals as have been brought together through ProNet. If there is a category to be nominated in for the AVN, XBIZ, XRCO, the Europeens Du X or Venus awards, the majority of our ProNet production and service providers have been given the nod in that category, and likely have also won it.”

    For more Start My Porn Company news and events, and information on ProNet providers, visit

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    Reverend Mel is Talking Sex with Start My Porn Company’s Linda Roberts and Frank Castle

    Reverend Mel interviews Start My Porn Company members Linda Roberts and Frank CastleHollywood, California – Start My Porn Company’s founder, Linda Roberts and her husband, director Frank Castle, join the divine Reverend Mel for a special appearance on the internet TV channel, Talking Sex Radio, [] on Monday, June 6, 2011.

    Roberts and Castle will be discussing their swinger lifestyle, life in the adult industry and also providing the audience with information on their joint project, Start My Porn Company, which supplies budding producers with business consultation and management services.

    “It’s been a fantastic freshman year thus far for Start My Porn Company, as we’ve had a lot of response from people that have been seeking business consultation specifically for adult companies. Our first client will be launching his website, in a couple of months, and we have been able to get two producers lined up with cohesive business plans that will help them succeed in the industry, even with the economy as sluggish as it remains. We are also working with directors Otto Bauer, Nicki Hunter and Frank on brokering a production investment deal for one of our clients,” said Roberts.

    Castle hints at Start My Porn Company’s future plans, “Linda and I always enjoy spending time with Reverend Mel, and for some reason she ends up getting information out of us that no one else does. So, I have a feeling we may be talking about some new consultancy services that are being added to Start My Porn Company, as well as workshops that Linda and I are planning for those that want to learn porn production first hand.”

    Tune in to the 8:00PM PST interview with Roberts and Castle on Monday night, at Call in to the live show with the toll free number, (888)834-0589.

    For more Start My Porn Company news and events, visit

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    Start My Porn Company Suggests Sheen Take the Reins of His Porn Destiny

    Start My Porn Company fast-tracks budding porn producers
    Chatsworth, CaliforniaStart My Porn Company [] offers Charlie Sheen the ability to take total control of his own creative destiny, if he ultimately decides to enter the world of adult production.

    Many adult companies are offering the former Two and a Half Men star directing positions at this time, but none of the offers thus far seem to include control of the production or product, beyond putting his name on the box cover and press releases. Start My Porn Company Founder, Linda Roberts says, “Of course there are a lot of porn companies offering Charlie director status. They want exactly what Chuck Lorre, and everyone else he has worked with, has always wanted: To use Charlie’s talent to make money. With Start My Porn Company, Charlie is in charge of everything, and he isn’t at the mercy of someone that just wants to use his name to turn a profit.”

    Sherry Ziegelmeyer, owner of porn publicity firm Black and Blue Media and Roberts’ partner in Start My Porn Company, sees Sheen’s recent outbursts as the words of someone who is creatively frustrated. “Between the lines of everything that has been said by Sheen, it all comes down to being tired of other people using his talent for their own gain. By starting his own adult production company, he would have the benefit of owning and controlling everything about the production and what happens to it after it’s edited. Start My Porn Company can help him do that. Many mainstream actors and producers have considered crossing into adult, however they quickly find out they have no clue how adult works. Linda and I did it for Ed Van Halen, and to this day his product is still making money, even if he ultimately decided his interest wasn’t in porn. Ed didn’t know where to start, so we guided him to the people that could get it done while he called the shots on how it was done. There’s no reason why someone with the talent, imagination and intelligence Charlie Sheen possesses, can’t eclipse that and build a profitable porn empire of his own with the same type of help.”

    Start My Porn Company offers anyone who has dreamed of starting their own adult company experienced production and business management services to get started on the right track to profit from their porn dreams.

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