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Dr. Chauntelle Speaks on Adult Performer Health and Safety at Stanford

Chauntelle Tibbals PHD Los Angeles, CaliforniaDr. Chauntelle Anne Tibbals, Ph.D. will present her forthcoming paper Adult Film Performers and Occupational Safety and Health at Stanford Law School in Stanford, California on Wednesday, April 11, 2012.

Tibbals is one of three panelists presenting work at Stanford Law School’s Safety of Sex Workers event. She will present work summarizing data and insights gleaned from twenty-four women and men currently working as adult performers in the Southern California/Los Angeles area. Her findings call attention to disconnects existing between California state law and adult production practices. The event will begin at 12:45 PM. Presentations will be followed by discussant-led Q&A and questions from the audience.

Tibbals hopes to address adult industry workplace and safety issues commonly ignored by policy makers, regulators, and academics during the event.

“Current regulations do not take the inner-workings of the adult industry or the concerns of the workers they’re trying to protect into account.

“Disconnects existing between adult industry producers and performers, regulators, and the wider social world are deep-seated and significant. Reliance on the concept of bloodborne pathogens protection as it is currently defined points to a lack of understanding about the mechanics of professional sex performance,” Tibbals said.

Tibbals is a sociologist, a Visiting Scholar at the University of Southern California (USC), and the driving force behind the 2012 XBIZ Award Nominated site, “Dr. Chauntelle,” as she is commonly known, has spent almost ten years researching the adult industry, working to complicate popular understanding of the adult business, its enterprise, and its socio-cultural significance

She explains, “We need to work to understand the realities of adult production and performers’ concerns. Systematic analysis of the structure and operations of the adult industry in Southern and Northern California is imperative, as are comparisons between the two. This work must be done before further attempts at regulation are made.”

Adult Film Performers and Occupational Safety and Health is forthcoming from Stanford Law and Policy Review (23, 2012). Inquiries about this and Tibbals’ other projects can be directed to


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Great Sex Doesn’t Have to Be Dirty with New Fleet Naturals!


Carlsbad, CA – A significant percentage of the population participates in Elective Rectal Cleansings (ERCs) more than once a month. Paradise Marketing, the leading source for health, medical and sensuality products, is bringing a new business opportunity to adult oriented stores to carry the new product from the number one brand of this product genre.

“Fleet Naturals is a smart choice because it’s gentle,” says Dennis Paradise, company spokesperson. “The soft, flexible, comfortip®, (with a water-based lubricant on the tip), aids in easy and comfortable use. Natural aloe properties provide calming and soothing effects. In addition, the disposable applicator reduces chances of bacterial infection compared to reusable enema bags. Fleet Naturals, is a premium choice because it’s natural, drug-free and safe for regular use.”

In conjunction with the launch of Fleet Naturals will be a major market advertising campaign that will reach tens of millions of users beginning May 2010. Ads will run in both local and national media and will appear in publications such as Men’s Health and other fitness magazines.

These widely used and iconic Fleet Naturals come in a convenient two-pack available at a competitive and profitable margin exclusively at Paradise Marketing.

Paradise Marketing stands out as the pre-eminent and most trusted trade source for condoms, personal lubricants and feminine hygiene products for over thirty years. Known for its swift and complete service, competitive price and integrity, the company aligns itself with the best products with the broadest appeal to bring to its trade customers.

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Los Angeles,, the premier adult social networking site, is recognizing World AIDS Day today, December 1st, by providing visitors with a World AIDS Day guide for 12 US cities and London that includes information about AIDS/HIV prevention, testing and events marking the day locally.

AdultSpace Awakens Community Awareness

Ruben Kane, CEO and founder of AdultSpace, had an important goal in mind when developing the page for World AIDS Day: “I wanted to create a safe and anonymous place for our members to learn the facts about HIV/AIDS, specifically how to protect themselves. It’s step one, but an important step to take in the fight against AIDS.”

By providing a virtual playground for over 800,000 members, AdultSpace feels a strong obligation to guide their members to play safe offline. Despite the fact that no cure exists yet for HIV/AIDS, there are key prevention actions that are globally recognized. AdultSpace is providing invaluable information about safer sex practices, prevention tactics, along with education about the disease and the importance of being tested. Living a long, healthy life is possible if you are HIV positive, if you catch the disease in its early stages!

The UN and the World Health Organization released encouraging news this week: prevention programs are making a difference! According to a 2009 AIDS epidemic update, new HIV infections have been reduced by 17% over the past eight years and access to treatment has caused a decrease in AIDS related deaths by over 10%.

Adultspace Wants YOU to Get Involved

In addition to the facts about HIV and AIDS, AdultSpace provides a city-by-city guide for getting help if you or someone you know has the disease. The guide informs you where to find a local testing site and how to join members of your community in supporting AIDS awareness on World AIDS Day.

This information portal for AIDS Awareness will remain live on the site to spread AIDS Awareness every day of the year! AdultSpace hopes to educate and aid their members, and prevent AIDS from claiming more lives. If your site does not have a resource page, AdultSpace welcomes you to link directly to their resource page at:

To sign up for a membership and for more information, please visit

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